Will Myles Garrett Overtake Strahan’s Single Season Sack Record?

  • Myles Garret has +750 odds as breaking Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record.

CLEVELAND, OH – As the Cleveland Brown’s season continues to surprisingly go well, one player that should deservingly get the spotlight shined on him is Myles Garrett.

Garrett has been on an absolute tear this season and it is not going unnoticed.

As Garrett’s season goes on, NFL sportsbooks have odds on if he will break Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record.

Will Myles Garrett Break Michael Strahan’s Single-Season Sack Record?

  • Yes (23 or more) +750
  • No (22.5 or less) -2000

This is a very interesting prop bet here as Myles Garrett seems to certainly have the skillset to do so being that he has been having a great season thus far.

Through just four games, Garrett has recorded five sacks already which leads the league. That is also halfway to his total sacks last season.

If Garrett could continue this hot streak throughout the season, he could be on pace for 22 sacks on the season. Right now, his highest total sacks in a season is 13.5 which looks like it will be crushed as well.

Taking a look at the Cleveland Browns upcoming schedule, they have quite a few games left in which Garrett could certainly up his sack total even more.

Games against the Jets, who have allowed 12 sacks in four games, Jaguars, who have allowed 13, Giants, who have allowed 14, and Bengals, who have allowed 15, are all on the horizon and should be games for Myles Garrett and NFL bettors to circle on their calendars.

He is sure to bring in multiple sacks in those weeks.

Not to mention, Garrett will obviously gain more sacks in other games throughout the season as well.

That being said, for those bettors who are willing to take the chance here, Garrett could come within striking distance of the single-season sack record and offer NFL bettors a huge payout if he does end up breaking it.

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