Why Are Sportsbooks So Far Apart on Jags/Jets Odds?

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars have -110 odds to beat the New York Jets on Bovada.
  • On other sportsbooks, the Jaguars are up to a 1.5 point underdog.
  • Line shopping could be profitable on this TNF matchup.

NEW YORK - The Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets are set to face off on Thursday Night Football, and the odds are dead even at the online sportsbook Bovada.

TNF Odds: Jags vs. Jets @ Bovada

  • Jacksonville Jaguars +0.0 -110
  • New York Jets +0.0 -110

Dead even. In every sense. Both the spread and the moneyline are exactly the same – -110 on both sides.

TNF Odds: Jags vs. Jets Moneyline @ Bovada

  • Jacksonville Jaguars -110
  • New York Jets -110

This is very interesting, because it puts Bovada out of lockstep with other online sportsbooks.

Caesars, for example, has the Jaguars as +1.0-point underdogs, as does DraftKings. FanDuel is spotting the Jags 1.5 points.

What this means is that there is a great opportunity for line shopping and arbitrage on this game if it has a close result.

On paper, the teams do look very even. The Jags are 6-8, and the Jets are 7-7. The Jags are on a hot streak though – they’ve covered the spread in four of their last six games.

The Jets failed to cover the spread last week, which could be good news for Jets backers this week. In the six weeks they’ve played after failing to cover the spread, they’ve covered the spread in all six.

However, Thursday Night Football has traditionally meant bad things for the Jets, who have not covered the spread in their last four Thursday games.

Notably, the Jags struggle on turf surfaces, only covering the spread in one of their last six games on turf.

MetLife Stadium, where the game is to be played, is famously a turf surface, which could impact bettors.

The Jaguars and the Jets face off on Thursday Night Football, which kicks off at 8:15 p.m. EST on Thursday.

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