TJ Watt Now Favorite At Online Sportsbooks To Win DPOY

  • TJ Watt has +175 odds to win DPOY.
  • Watt had +1100 before the season start.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers Defense is the number 6 defense in the NFL.

PITTSBURGH – As the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to be undefeated in the NFL, Defensive Player of the Year odds for outside linebacker TJ Watt have shortened at online sportsbooks.

Watt is now the favorite to win the coveted award, after coming into the season with longshot odds to win. With his play, the Steelers have the 6th best defense in the league.

Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl betting odds continue to shorten thanks to Watt’s play as well. The star linebacker is proving to be a good wager going forward.

Betting On TJ Watt

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the last undefeated team in the NFL after 10 weeks and a large part of why has been the strong play of TJ Watt.

Defensive Player Of The Year

  • TJ Watt +175
  • Aaron Donald +240
  • Myles Garrett +350
  • Khalil Mack +1200
  • Buddha Baker +1600
  • Cameron Heyward +2500
  • Devin White +2500
  • Fred Warner +2500
  • Stephon Tuitt +2500

TJ Watt has put up tremendous defensive numbers being second in the NFL in sacks (9), having 30 tackles(24 solo), and recording one interception so far this season.

As the Steelers continue to win, sports bettors can expect his betting odds to continue to shorten throughout the season.

Prior to the season start, Watt has +1100 odds to win DPOY. The early favorite was Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Donald now has the second shortest odds to win.

Donald has had an impressive season defensively so far in his own right. He has 26 tackles, 15 solo tackles, is tied with Watt at 9 sacks, and has forced 3 fumbles. The Rams also have the number two defense behind his play.

What has pushed Watt ahead at online sportsbooks is the consistency the team has been winning. Pittsburgh’s defense is one of the driving forces behind the team’s success, and voters look at the team’s success as well as individual play when giving out awards.

With a top 10 defense and an undefeated record, Watt may be a shoe-in for the DPOY. Sports bettors may want to lean in on his odds now before they shorten later in the season.

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