These 6 Super Bowl 56 Exact Results Return 1000x Your Money

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles have +90000 odds to meet in the Super Bowl.
  • There are four other matchups that match in odds that feature the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and Las Vegas Raiders.

LAS VEGAS - There are exact result betting odds that can net bettors a massive payout if a couple of teams make a deep run to the Super Bowl.

The Eagles Vs. Steelers Matchup

All of the matchups that could net the big payout include either the Philadelphia Eagles or Pittsburgh Steelers, but if these two teams happen to meet in the Super Bowl, NFL betting sites will be paying out +90000 odds regardless of the result.

Super Bowl 56 Exact Result Odds

  • Steelers Beat Eagles +90000
  • Eagles Beat Steelers +90000

Even bettors with a few dollars laying around should avoid taking action on this as it’s essentially throwing money out the window. The Eagles play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the opening round while the Steelers play the Kansas City Chiefs, showing both teams are likely to lose early on in the postseason.

Other Betting Options With Big Payouts

As long as one of the two teams stays alive past the first round, there are hopes for the big 900-1 payout. The Eagles would need to find their way to the Super Bowl against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Super Bowl 56 Exact Result Odds

  • Eagles Beat Raiders +90000
  • Raiders Beat Eagles +90000

If Pittsburgh happens to make a run at the title, there are two teams they could beat in order to secure bettors the same odds as well. Those betting on the NFL will need either the San Francisco 49ers or Arizona Cardinals to come out of the NFC.

Super Bowl 56 Exact Results Odds

  • Steelers Beat 49ers +90000
  • Steelers Beat Cardinals +90000

Are any of these going to happen? No. However, it’s still interesting to see how confident the sportsbooks are that they would put themselves up to so much liability.

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