Super Bowl LVI Overturned Challenge Odds Favor Coaches

  • The first challenge to result in an overturned call has -135 odds.
  • Coaches have +105 odds to lose the first challenge.
  • There is a +200 betting line for a touchdown to be overturned.

LOS ANGELES - There are betting odds available on potential results of the coach's challenges and booth reviews.

Result Of First Coach’s Challenge

There are Super Bowl LVI betting odds for just about anything. Now, bettors can place a wager on whether the first coach’s challenge will result in an overturned play or not.

First Coach’s Challenge Result Odds

  • Play Stands +105
  • Play Overturned -135

Naturally, it would make sense that play overturned is favored because coaches shouldn’t be making challenges and risking timeouts unless they are sure they are making the right decision. However, Zac Taylor has a history of being bad at challenges while Sean McVay seems to hit at a 50% clip.

The +105 odds may have value just based on the coach’s history.

Will A Touchdown Be Overturned?

All scoring plays are reviewed by the booth strictly off of the rules. This results in Super Bowl betting sites listing odds on whether a play will be called a touchdown and then be overturned by a review.

Will Any TD Be Overturned By Replay Odds

  • Yes +200
  • No -275

It’s easy to think of the scenarios in which a scoring play would be overturned. Whether it’s a tackle at the goal line where a player’s knee is down or if it's a pileup at the goal line and it’s tough to see whether the ball crossed the plane.

Either way, it’s likely tough to bet on either side as it’s impossible to predict whether there will even be a scenario for a possibility of this bet hitting.

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