Sportsbooks Giving Great Odds On A 1-2 Seed Super Bowl Matchup

  • The one-seed has won 14 times since 1990 and has played against the other one-seed in four of the last six Super Bowls.
  • A three-seed has only won one Super Bowl since 1990 – less than the four seeds, who have won four times in that span.
  • The six-seeds have won twice in the late-to-mid 2000s, giving bettors a chance that it can happen again in 2020.

MINNEAPOLIS – With one round of the NFL Playoffs behind us, the focus for sports bettors turns to the future. With a strong combination of teams left (and both six seeds as well), the options for who will play in the Super Bowl is left wide open.

As the Super Bowl is roughly a month away and two more weeks of gameplay must occur before the final stage is set, betting on the teams to make the Super Bowl can be welcomed with excellent odds at this time.

However, bettors are also encouraged by sports betting websites to not only pick who will represent the AFC and NFC in the Super Bowl but also what the Super Bowl outcome will be.

While this may seem like a longshot guess, using NFL betting data and trends can help forecast what is expected.

Since 1990, the one-seed has won 14 times, but seven of those victories came in the 1990s. However, a recent trend came to be again in the mid-2010s, as a one-seed has won five of the last six Super Bowls. In fact, the one-seeds have met against each other in four of the most six recent Super Bowls. The two outliers? A one-seed over two-seed as well as last year’s battle of the two-seeds Super Bowl.

Also since 1990, the two-seed has won SEVEN times, with the majority of their victories coming in the early-to-mid 2000s. The four-seed has seen four Super Bowl victories since 1997, which fares better than the three-seed, which has only won one championship since 1990.

With that, comparing the Super Bowl futures betting odds on the NFL with past data can leave bettors focused on what exactly to wager on.

Betting The Potential Super Bowl Outcome

Taking a chance on one of the one-seeds is a wise choice due to past performances. With this, let’s compare how the one-seeds would fare against the two-seeds from the other conference. If San Francisco 49ers take down the Kansas City Chiefs (+1100), bettors would see their risk pay out slightly more than if the Baltimore Ravens defeat the Green Bay Packers (+1000).

These payouts make bettors have a great opportunity to win some extra money, considering the Ravens (+200) and 49ers (+290) do not pay out much at the moment.

For reference, to see either of the one seeds beat the other will be welcomed with odds of +550.

However, if bettors are feeling like hedging or want to take a chance on a monster payout, they should look at the battle of the six-seeds. If the Tennessee Titans beat the Minnesota Vikings (+15000) or the Vikings beat the Titans (+15500), bettors would find themselves in awe.

While this is unlikely to happen, it still is sports, and sometimes the hot team gets hot at the right time to everyone’s disbelief.

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