Sentencing Betting Odds Set For Greg Robinson’s Drug Trafficking Arrest

  • Cleveland Browns left tackle Greg Robinson has been arrested at the US – Mexico border.
  • Robinson was transporting 157 pounds of marijuana.
  • Also arrested was Robinson’s Auburn teammate, Jaquan Bray.

EL PASO, Texas – Ex-Cleveland Browns’ offensive tackle Greg Robinson has been arrested at the US-Mexico border with an astonishing amount of marijuana.

Robinson was arrested with what is being reported as 157 pounds of marijuana.

Robinson was the starting left tackle for the Browns for the last two seasons, but the team had previously informed him that it would be moving on at that position.

After selecting him with the second pick in the draft, the Browns signed him to a one year deal after his rookie contract ended, paying Robinson over $6 million for the 2019 season.

Along with Robinson was an unnamed Uber driver who was not charged, and Jaquan Bray, better known as Quan – a teammate of Robinson’s at the University of Auburn.

Robinson could be facing up to 20 years in prison, and, as always, the sportsbook MyBookie was quick on the uptake, offering the following bet the day after the announcement:

Will Greg Robinson receive 20+ years for drug trafficking?

  • Yes +200
  • No -300

In order for a bet of “Yes “ on this wager to cash, Robinson must be convicted of drug trafficking and receive 20 or more years as his sentence.

Right now, the favored answer is “No”, which could reflect many things, from the quality of lawyers that Robinson has access to, to the fact that he was caught with marijuana and not a harder drug. Add in the fact that 20 years is close to the maximum sentence he could receive, and bettors may push this line even further from even.

“Yes” is certainly in play, however, with +200 odds reflecting the punitive nature of the United States’ justice system. Whatever the case, sports bettors can try to make money on this weed deal.

At least someone gets to.

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