SB58 Odds Update: 49ers Widen Gap as Super Bowl 58 Favorites

  • The San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl odds shortened from +450 to +325 after Week 5.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs (+550) and Miami Dolphins (+800) saw their Super Bowl odds shorten.
  • Super Bowl odds for the Buffalo Bills (+1000) and Dallas Cowboys (+1100) got longer with Week 5 losses.

LAS VEGAS – The San Francisco 49ers widened the gap as Super Bowl favorites after a commanding Week 5 win against the Dallas Cowboys. Super Bowl odds after Week 5 kept the same six teams at the top of the betting board but shuffled their odds.

The main takeaway from Week 5 is the 49ers are the best bet on the Super Bowl after a 42-10 victory against the Dallas Cowboys.

Super Bowl 58 Betting Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers +325
  • Kansas City Chiefs +550
  • Philadelphia Eagles +750
  • Miami Dolphins +800
  • Buffalo Bills +1000
  • Dallas Cowboys +1100
  • Detroit Lions +2000
  • Baltimore Ravens +2200
  • Los Angeles Chargers +2500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +2800
  • Cincinnati Bengals +3000
  • Cleveland Browns +3000

The 49ers Super Bowl odds shortened down to +325 after another dominant win. San Francisco had +450 odds after Week 4 and +525 odds after Week 3.

Their odds at California Super Bowl betting sites will likely keep shortening with continued success. The Cowboys Super Bowl 58 odds lengthened from +850 to +1100 after the blowout loss.

Super Bowl Odds Movement In The AFC

The Buffalo Bills fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, moving their Super Bowl odds from +750 to +1000. Their AFC East rival Miami Dolphins moved ahead of the Bills at Florida Super Bowl betting sites from +1000 to +800.

The top candidate to represent the AFC at Super Bowl 58 is the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs Super Bowl 58 odds slightly shortened from +600 to +550 with a Week 5 win.

Star tight end Travis Kelce suffered an ankle injury in their win against the Minnesota Vikings. He expects to play on Thursday Night Football against the Denver Broncos.

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