SB 56 Receivers: Beckham And Kupp Vs. Chase And Tee Higgins

  • Cooper Kupp’s target total is set at 12 targets.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. has -130 odds to go Over 7.5 targets.
  • Ja’Marr Chase has -135 odds to go Over 7.5 targets.
  • Tee Higgins’ target total is set at 7.

LOS ANGELESSuper Bowl 56 will have some of the top receivers in the league playing. Both Cooper Kupp and Ja’Marr Chase finished in the top-five in receiving yards and Tee Higgins and Odell Beckham Jr. have proven to be key receivers on their teams as well.

One way to gauge what is expected of these receivers is by where Super Bowl betting sites have their target totals set. Of these four receivers, Cooper Kupp has the highest target total.

Los Angeles Rams Receiving Props

Cooper Kupp Total Targets Odds

  • Over 12 -115
  • Under 12 -115

While many might think that 12 is too high a number, Cooper Kupp is more than capable of achieving this number. Kupp leads the league in targets in both the regular season and playoffs this season. In the regular season, Kupp went for 191 targets which is 22 targets more than the second most. In the playoffs, Kupp has seen 32 targets. Matthew Stafford and Kupp have connected to go over 12 targets eight times this season and they have pushed twice. With this being the biggest stage of the season, Stafford can surely look to go after his top receiver all game long.

Odell Beckham Jr. Total Targets Odds

  • Under 7.5 Targets -130
  • Over 7.5 Targets +100

Since joining the Rams in the middle of the season, Odell Beckham Jr. has thrived and has certainly picked things up in the playoffs. In the eight regular-season games he played in LA, Beckham went over 7.5 targets twice and hit the seven-target mark two times. In the playoff though, he has gone over two times in their last two outings. Beckham is coming off of his best game of the season with 113 yards on 11 targets. That said, Stafford could look for the hot hand in the Super Bowl and keep things rolling with Odell.

Cincinnati Bengals Receiving Props

Ja’Marr Chase Total Targets Odds

  • Over 7.5 Targets -135
  • Under 7.5 Targets +105

Ja’Marr Chase has had an unbelievable rookie season and is looking to continue that into the Super Bowl. On the year, Chase saw 128 targets in the regular season and 27 in the playoffs. In the regular season and playoffs, Chase went for over 7.5 targets in 11 games. However, this could be his toughest assignment yet with arguably the top cornerback in the league standing across from him in Jalen Ramsey. With Ramsey likely trailing Chase all game long, Joe Burrow could ease up and hit other options making his longer Super Bowl prop odds worth the risk.

Tee Higgins Total Targets Odds

  • Over 7 Targets -125
  • Under 7 Targets -105

Tee Higgins has flown under the radar in the playoffs due to Chase gaining most of the hype, however, he has quietly out-targeted Chase in the playoffs. Higgins has seen 23 targets compared to Chase’s 20 in the playoffs and in their last two games, has seen over 7 targets and more than Chase as well. Higgins has gone over or pushed 7 targets 10 times this season. With Ramsey likely assigned to Chase in the Super Bowl, it could leave Higgins to another heavy target game.

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