Saints Re-sign Multi-Use QB Taysom Hill Despite Signing Winston

  • The New Orleans Saints and Taysom Hill agreed upon a two-year, $21 million deal.
  • New Orleans is also set to bring former Tampa Bay Buccaneer QB Jameis Winston on board.

NEW ORLEANS – With the NFL Draft coming to a close, a whole new group of young athletes finds themselves heading to their new homes and donning their new colors. Now five seasons after being drafted first overall, Jameis Winston joins this group heading to a new home.

After spending over a month in free agency, Winston has reportedly been working on a deal with the New Orleans Saints. After being replaced by six-time Superbowl champion Tom Brady for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Winston was on the market for a new job before ultimately settling with the Saints and remaining in the NFC South.

Many believe that Winston will take over backup QB duties under Drew Brees, filling in for a departing Teddy Bridgewater, who just signed a deal with the Carolina Panthers.

However, the Saints also just re-signed multi-use, positionless QB Taysom Hill to a two-year deal worth $21 million.

The deal includes $16 million guaranteed at signing, plus $1 million more in potential bonus incentives.

"I've felt a lot of love from the organization and the fan base. ... My wife and I always wanted to stay in New Orleans, so this worked out perfect," said Hill.

Now the big question here is obviously how the depth chart will look come Week 1, but multiple answers will need to be found in the coming months:

Are the Saints bringing in Winston to be insurance behind Brees AND Hill?

Or do they plan to continue to use Hill in special packages while Winston becomes the primary backup?

And who takes over once the 41-year-old Brees calls it a career?

Winston’s polarizing passing issues have been talked about plenty, with many aware that last year he led the league in both passing yardage (5,109) and interceptions (30).

It is possible the Saints and coach Sean Payton feel as Winston simply needs the right environment to bring out the best in his abilities.

As far as Taysom Hill, he isn’t losing any sleep regarding his role on the team going forward.

"Coach and I had had a conversation before free agency hit, kind of what his plan was for me. I've had multiple conversations following that, and I knew that we were always gonna bring in another guy," said Hill. "I didn't know who it was gonna be. But no surprise there. I think Jameis is a good football player, and he's a good quarterback.”

Regardless of which position Hill lines up at, expect to see plenty of him, Brees, and Winston, in black in gold next season.

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