Russell Wilson Can Continue Veteran QB Switch SB Win Trend

  • The Bucs and the Rams won the last two Super Bowls after acquiring a veteran quarterback, with shorted preseason odds of +1000 and +1200.
  • The Broncos signed Russell Wilson during the 2022 offseason and saw their odds drop to +1200 from +2000 for Super Bowl 57.

DENVER – The Broncos have +1600 odds for Super Bowl 57 but are in a very similar situation as the last two Super Bowl winners. By signing Russell Wilson in the offseason, the Broncos filled a gap at QB that they always struggled with since Peyton Manning gave them a four-year run.

Betting On Veteran QB’S Winning The Super Bowl

There are similarities between the 2022 Broncos squad and the 2015 team that won the Super Bowl with +900 preseason odds. Russell Wilson will have the opportunity to become the third straight veteran QB to sign with a new team and win the Super Bowl in their first year with the franchise.

The Broncos have not had a QB start for over four consecutive seasons since John Elway retired in 1998. The last five seasons have featured a new starting QB in Week 1, missing the playoffs annually since their 2015 Super Bowl victory.

They have –150 odds to make the 2022 NFL playoffs, which is the shortest their postseason odds have been since they were -280, entering their 2015 Super Bowl-winning season.

New QB Trend In Past Two Seasons

The Tampa Bay Bucs shocked the NFL world before the 2020 season by signing Tom Brady after he spent 20 seasons with the New England Patriots. The Bucs preseason odds shortened to +1000 and they dominated the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, with Tom Brady showing his talent off in FL.

Matthew Stafford joined the 2021 LA Rams after 12 seasons in Detroit and won Super Bowl 56 with +1200 preseason odds.

Russell Wilson joins these QB’S by leaving the team that drafted him and seeing a shorten in Super Bowl odds. The Broncos went from +2000 to +1200 after the trade was announced.

Betting On Defense Helping Win Championships

The Broncos also have similarities with the Bucs and Rams because of their highly ranked defense. During the Bucs first season and Super Bowl victory with Brady, their defense ranked sixth in the NFL.

Before they acquired Stafford, the Rams were the projected number one defensive for the 2021 season and ended up locking in that rank after the season ended.

The 2015 Denver Broncos relied on Von Miller to get the job done in the Super Bowl. He became the eighth player to ever win SB MVP as a defensive player and was also the last one to do so.

Entering the 2022 regular season, the Denver Broncos have been projected to be the tenth best defense in the league, giving Russell Wilson the pieces he needs to become the third straight veteran QB to win the Super Bowl on a new team.

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