Quarterbacks The Best Bet To Win Comeback Player Of The Year

  • The past five winners of the Comeback Player Of the Year award all missed at least six games the previous season.
  • Four straight CPOY award winners played quarterback.
  • Based on history and narrative the best bets to win CPOY are Jameis Winston(+400), Lamar Jackson(+1200), Mitchell Trubisk(+1400), and Marcus Mariota(+1400).

NEW YORK – Jameis Winston(+400) has opened as the betting favorite to take home the 2022 Comeback Player of the Year award.

Winston’s strong showing prior to tearing his ACL in Week 8 of the 2021 season and potential to lead the New Orleans Saints to the playoffs after missing it last season make him the betting favorite over other strong options such as Derrick Henry(+700) and Michael Thomas(+800).

Comeback Player Of The Year Odds

  • Jameis Winston +400
  • Derrick Henry +700
  • Michael Thomas +800
  • Christian McCaffrey +1100
  • Daniel Jones +1200
  • JK Dobbins +1200
  • Lamar Jackson +1200

Betting On CPOY Based On History

The history of the past five winners of the Comeback Player Of the Year award reveals the importance of position and games missed.

The past five winners all missed, or were benched in Ryan Tannehill’s case, for at least six games the previous season. Since the 2018 season, every CPOY winner has played quarterback as well.

Season Winner Preseason Odds Games Missed Previous Season
2021 Joe Burrow +800 6
2020 Alex Smith +300 17
2019 Ryan Tannehil N/A 6
2018 Andrew Luck +450 16
2017 Keenan Allen +900 15

Quarterbacks With The Best Chance To Win CPOY In 2022-23 Season

Jameis Winston with his +400 odds is an obvious favorite heading into the 2022-2023 season for Comeback Player Of the Year honors, but he may not be the only quarterback with a great chance to win the award.

Other notable quarterbacks have a strong chance to win based on narrative and games missed last season:

  • Lamar Jackson (+1200): Although he missed only five games last season, one fewer than the criteria set by previous winners, Jackson may have a case if he returns to MVP form and leads to
  • the Baltimore Ravens to a strong season/playoff berth.
  • Mitchell Trubisky (+1400): Mitchell Trubisky did not start a game last season, but is the favorite to be the Week 1 starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He could follow the Ryan Tannehill mold of quarterbacks who were former first-round picks revitalizing their careers elsewhere.
  • Marcus Mariota (+1400): Another quarterback with a Tannehill-esque path to follow, Marcus Mariota seems to be the clear season-opening starter for the Atlanta Falcons. Mariota has not started a game since 2019 after having spent the past two seasons as Derek Carr’s backup for the Las Vegas Raiders.

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