Public Betting Information For Week 5 Of The 2021 NFL Season

  • The Minnesota Vikings are receiving 85% of the money with 13% of the bets on the -470 moneyline.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are seeing reverse line movement against the Denver Broncos.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have 79% of the money with 26% of the bets on their moneyline.

MINNEAPOLISWeek 5 of the 2021 NFL season has some interesting public betting information that may be telling the sports bettor what the sportsbooks are expecting to happen.

Minnesota Vikings Vs. Detroit Lions: Sharp Action On Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings are tied for the title of biggest favorites of the week in their game against the Detroit Lions. NFL betting sites are seeing a lot of action on the Lions, but not nearly the same amount of money as what’s on the Vikings.

Vikings Vs. Lions Moneyline

  • Minnesota Vikings -470
  • Detroit Lions +345

Minnesota is receiving just 13% of the bets on the moneyline but is holding 85% of the money. Similar, but less extreme, action is on the spread as the Vikings -10.0 line is seeing 62% of the money on just 43% of the bets. It seems as if the sharp bettors are siding with Minnesota in this game on both the moneyline and spread.

The kick-off is scheduled for Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EST and will air on FOX.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Denver Broncos: Reverse Line Movement

In one of the more interesting and confusing lines of the week, the Pittsburgh Steelers are now underdogs to the Denver Broncos despite opening as the favorite and receiving most of the handle. Online betting sites are seeing reverse line movement in this game.

Steelers Vs. Broncos Moneyline Odds

  • Pittsburgh Steelers EVEN
  • Denver Broncos -120

Pittsburgh opened the week favored by 1.5 points but have since changed to 1.0-point underdogs. The Steelers are seeing 73% of the handle on just 47% of the bets on the spread and are also controlling the moneyline market with 61% of the money on 59% of the bets. Reverse line movement is a complex thing to decipher, but it could be due to the news of Teddy Bridgewater allegedly being back in action this weekend.

The game will begin at 1:00 p.m. EST on Sunday and can be seen on FOX.

Dallas Cowboys Vs. New York Giants: Dallas Seeing Heavy Sharp Action

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are set to face one other in an NFC East matchup in which the Cowboys are seeing a lot of potential sharp action. Dallas on the moneyline is seeing just 26% of the bets, but holding 79% of the handle.

Giants Vs. Cowboys Moneyline Odds

  • Dallas Cowboys -330
  • New York Giants +265

The Cowboys have won seven of the last eight head-to-head meetings against the Giants and it seems as if the sharp bettors are expecting that trend to continue. Those interested in watching the game can tune in to FOX at 4:25 p.m. EST on Sunday.

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