Popular Bets At Sportsbooks Throughout The NFL Offseason

  • Sportsbooks have seen the odds (-140) for the Denver Broncos win total grow longer on the over.
  • Nearly 99% of odds at one sportsbook have been on the LA Rams to win the Super Bowl.

DENVERThere are plenty of NFL bets available for bettors to take advantage of before the 2020-21 season and some odds posted are seeing more traffic than others.

While following the money is a popular topic in sports betting, some are also prone to fading the public and figuring out their gambling strategies simply from the action already taken at the book.

Though the NFL season is still weeks away, this hasn’t stopped NFL bettors from laying their action.

Denver Broncos

The Over/Under for the Denver Broncos win total has been an NFL bet seeing high action.

The Broncos opening line was set at 7.5 wins with the under being favored at -120 and the over being even.

After the Broncos offseason, that has shifted.

They brought in Melvin Gordon, drafted Jerry Jeudy, and are relying on the emergence of Drew Lock and Courtland Sutton.

The over bet, although not being favored in the beginning, attracted 99% of dollars wagered as well as 92% of the number of tickets.

Since the bets are coming in for the over, sportsbooks shifted the odds to favor the Broncos over now at -140.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have also made a splash on NFL sportsbooks as well. There over/under bet has gained even more traction than the Broncos.

The Cardinals over/under opened up at 7 wins but has since risen to 7.5.

With their offseason moves, the over bet has seen its growth as well. They brought in DeAndre Hopkins, drafted Isaiah Simmons and Josh Jones and still have a young Kyler Murray who is starting to flourish.

The Cardinals Over bet has seen 95% of the tickets which is the most of any team that has been bet on.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have also seen their fair share of bets as well for their over/under. The over/under for total wins is set at 7.5 for the Raiders with the under favored at -125 and the over at -105.

Their under is the favorite for a reason as they don’t have much to show for. Some of the only bright spots on their team consist of Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and rookie Henry Ruggs.

The Raiders' betting situation is a bit confusing. Their over bet has seen 65% of the tickets that have been bet but the majority of money being bet has gone towards the under bet at 53%.

This means that while the normal average joe is betting on the over, the sharps and those heavily invested are taking the under.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have also seen a lot of traffic on their over/under betting odds as well. The Chiefs over/under is set at 11.5 wins with the over being favored at -150 and the under at +115.

This should not come at any surprise as they are the defending Super Bowl champions and seem to be just getting started.

The over bet for the Chiefs has generated 75% of the total number of tickets as well as 79% of all money bet on the Chiefs over/under.

LA Rams

The Rams have surprisingly also made a dent in their betting odds as well but not for their over/under. Their bets have come from their Super Bowl 55 odds.

To date, the Los Angeles Rams are the most bet on team to win Super Bowl LV.

A total of 33% of all bets placed on the upcoming Super Bowl have been on the Rams.

It’s not like the Rams have made any significant moves in the offseason either. The released Todd Gurley and replaced him with Rookie, Cam Akers.

Also, they are still relying on Jared Goff who had a below-average 2019 season.

Sportsbooks have taken notice of the amount of traffic the Rams have been getting and even lowered their odds from +3300 to +2500 odds of winning the Super Bowl.

The fact that some of these odds are still considered longshots are great for bettors who are looking to make a riskier bet for a nice payout.

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