Peyton Manning MNF Odds: Will He Get Paid More Than Romo?

  • Peyton Manning has been rumored to be in negotiations with ESPN to be part of the Monday Night Football broadcasting crew.
  • Manning has even odds to join Monday Night Football, according to sportsbooks.
  • The over/under line for what Manning will be paid is set at $19.5 million.

BRISTOL, Conn.Peyton Manning could be getting upwards of 20 million dollars to host Monday Night Football – and sports bettors can make money on this too.

Sportsbooks are offering odds on whether or not Manning will step into the booth, and also how much he will get paid if and when he does.

Peyton Manning Monday Night Football Betting Odds

There are two major types of bets that can be placed regarding the future of the two time Super Bowl  champion.

For the first type of bet, courtesy of BetOnline’s sportsbook:

P. Manning on Monday Night Football broadcast team

  • No -120
  • Yes -120

The odds on this are apparently dead even, with both options having -120 odds. The former Indianapolis Colts signal-caller appears to be closer than he ever has been before to signing on the dotted line for a network instead of a football team.

As far as the second type of bet on Manning’s future, again courtesy of BetOnline’s sportsbook:

Peyton Manning annual Monday Night Football salary

  • Under 19½ million -200
  • Over 19½ million +150

After Tony Romo got paid $17 million to sign with CBS Sports, he could find himself once again eclipsed by Peyton Manning, a feeling perhaps not unfamiliar to Romo.

Peyton Manning, of course, is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and renowned for his football intellect and ability to read the field.

These qualities have made him someone that constantly shows up in rumors for who will be the next broadcaster of various football events.

He has done football analysis for broadcast TV before, starring in a show called ‘Detail’ for ESPN+, where Manning breaks down various quarterbacks and games using his vast experience and intellect.

The jump from doing a show like that to headlining ESPN’s Monday Night Football, however, could be a significant one, and Manning would be the highest paid football broadcaster if he eclipses Romo’s $17 million.

Reports have Manning negotiating for somewhere in the area of $18 million to $20 million, and the sportsbooks, cunning as ever, have placed the line at $19.5 million dollars.

On that line, the under is favored by -200 odds, while the over clocks in with +150 odds.

This is certainly an interesting futures bet to take a look at, and while it might be crazy that Manning could get $20 million, at least sports bettors can get a part of that by betting on it.

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