Over/Under History of the Super Bowl: From SB I to SB LVII

  • Betting totals have gone over and under an equal number of times since the NFL-AFL Championship Game became the Super Bowl.
  • Super Bowl 57 went well over the game total, snapping a four-year streak of Super Bowls going under the total.

LAS VEGASSuper Bowl betting history on the total had streaks going either over or under, but always balanced out in the end. Of the 56 Super Bowls with a total (Super Bowl 1 didn’t have a total), 28 went over and 28 went under.

Point total betting on the Super Bowl is difficult to predict, especially in recent years.

Over/Under Results in Last Five Super Bowls

Super Bowl: Teams: Betting Total: Results of Betting Total:
SB LVII Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles 50 Over (73)
SB LVI LA Rams, Cincinnati Bengals 49.5 Under (43)
SB LV Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs 56 Under (40)
SB LIV Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers 53 Under (51)
SB LIII New England Patriots, LA Rams 55.5 Under (16)

Super Bowl 57’s total set at 50.0 points was crushed with a total of 73 points scored. On the other hand, the massive 55.5-point spread in Super Bowl 53 is known as the lowest scoring game in the history of the Super Bowl with 16 total points scored.

Streaks Going Over and Streaks going Under

From Super Bowl 47 to Super Bowl 52, the over hit in five of six games. Super Bowl overs hit in seven of nine games stretching from Super Bowl 19 to Super Bowl 27.

After Super Bowl 2 went over the 43-point total, Super Bowls went under in seven consecutive games. Super Bowl 10 broke up the streak and started a run of overs in four of the next five Super Bowls.

Nine of the last 14 Super Bowls with a total of 50 points or greater went over.

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