Opinion: Super Bowl Monday Needs To Be A National Holiday

  • Petitions are nearing 100,000 signatures to make the Monday following the Super Bowl a holiday.
  • Some want the Super Bowl moved to Saturday, but making Monday a holiday seems like a better option.

LOS ANGELES - Super Bowl 56 is set to be held in SoFi Stadium this year and it’s possible the game could get moved to a Saturday.

The Details Of The Petition

For those who don’t know, there is a petition going around in Florida to change the Super Bowl to a Saturday for the sake of not having to worry about a bad night of sleep heading into the Monday.

The petition was started by a high-school student, Frank Ruggeri, in order to allow kids to stay up late to watch the game and overall allow fans some extra time to rest from the excitement of the game.

The petition doesn’t specify the alternative of just making the following Monday a national holiday, but that may be the better course of action to take.

Make Monday A Holiday

Everybody knows football is king in America. NFL betting sites see the most action of any sport and it’s also just overall the most-watched event of each year.

A quick Google search will tell you that the eight most-watched events of all time in the United States are Super Bowls. Even further, 21 of the 22 most-watched events are all Super Bowls as well as 28 of the top 30.

With upwards of 110-115 million viewers each year, why not give the following day off as the Super Bowl is clearly the most important event of the year across the country.

There have already been studies that show employers lose billions of dollars on the Monday following the Super Bowl, so it really doesn't seem beneficial to anyone to have it just be another regular Monday. The 2017 study shows every 10 minutes people spend discussing the Super Bowl at work costs $290 million across the country.

It seems to be a win-win from all angles.

The NFL would see even more viewers as people wouldn’t skip watching the game to get their eight hours of sleep, most viewers would love to not worry about work the following morning and employers would likely be happy to not see their time and money wasted in an unproductive day.

The fact that Super Bowl commercials have a fan base to itself should signal just how important it is to watch the game. It’s not often that there’s such an easy to fix to such an expensive problem, someone just needs to take action on it.

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