Opening NFL Division Odds for the 2023-24 Season

  • The Buffalo Bills have +115 odds to win the AFC East.
  • There are -175 odds on the Jacksonville Jaguars winning the AFC South.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles have +100 odds to win the NFC North.
  • There are -190 odds on the San Francisco 49ers winning the NFC West.

LAS VEGAS – The last of the NFL team futures odds have been posted with the odds to win each NFL division. Throughout all eight divisions, four of them have a favorite with +100 odds or better.

Division championship odds tend to shift the most of any other futures odds on NFL sportsbooks being that there are only four teams listed in each one.

AFC Division Championship Odds

AFC East Odds

  • Buffalo Bills +115
  • New York Jets +225
  • Miami Dolphins +325
  • New England Patriots +850

Although the Buffalo Bills are favored to win the AFC East for the fourth straight season, this is the first time in those four years that their opening odds come in over +100.

If they do keep their core in place and continue thriving behind Josh Allen, they are sure to be looking at one more AFC East title.

AFC North Odds

  • Cincinnati Bengals +110
  • Baltimore Ravens +225
  • Cleveland Browns +425
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +600

Bettors should get in while they can on the Cincinnati Bengals plus money AFC North odds as they’ve won the last two division titles.

They should drop to under even odds in the opening weeks of the season being that the Baltimore Ravens are at a standstill with Lamar Jackson who is threatening to sit out over his contract. The Cleveland Browns on paper look to be a scary competitor, however, this is their first full season with Deshaun Watson under center.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are also a non-factor as they are in a strong rebuild right now.

AFC South Odds

  • Jacksonville Jaguars -175
  • Tennessee Titans +300
  • Indianapolis Colts +600
  • Houston Texans +1200

The Jacksonville Jaguars went from zeros to heroes in the AFC South after winning just their second division title since 2002. While they might not be the biggest threat in the league, their division has gotten considerably worse in the offseason leaving them to hold on to the shortest AFC South odds.

The Tennessee Titans are heading towards a rebuild and each the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans are set to have rookie QBs under center in the new season.

AFC West Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs -160
  • Los Angeles Chargers +350
  • Denver Broncos +400
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1200

The Kansas City Chiefs have claimed the last seven division titles and the competition in the AFC West backs them winning one more. The Chiefs won three of the last four with their opening AFC West odds coming in at -200 or better.

Backing them winning now is that the LA Chargers are in jeopardy of losing star running back, Austin Ekeler. Also, the Denver Broncos are coming off of an abysmal season but will also have a new head coach in Sean Payton.

The Las Vegas Raiders will have a new QB under center with Jimmy Garoppolo.

NFC Division Championship Odds

NFC East Odds

  • Philadelphia Eagles +100
  • Dallas Cowboys +175
  • New York Giants +550
  • Washington Commanders +1000

It has been a two-team race between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys over the last seven seasons after winning six of the last seven NFC East titles.

Since 2016, the Eagles have gone into the season under +300 odds five times while the Cowboys have gone in at +200 or better every season.

The New York Giants and Washington Commanders have combined for six division championships since 2002.

NFC North Odds

  • Detroit Lions +150
  • Minnesota Vikings +275
  • Chicago Bears +300
  • Green Bay Packers +350

All eyes are on the NFC North as they have the closest kept odds of any division with the Detroit Lions favored to win for the first time since 2002. It’s also their lowest opening odds in history.

The rest of the teams in the division each have under +400 odds. The Green Bay Packers sit in last place with the idea being that Aaron Rodgers is on his way out.

NFC South Odds

  • New Orleans Saints +140
  • Carolina Panthers +200
  • Atlanta Falcons +375
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550

The race in the NFC South race is going to be the best worst team as all four teams finished under .500 records last season. Also, all four teams will have a new starting QB heading into the season.

New Orleans Saints lead the way as Derek Carr is considerably the best option under center in the division. Tom Brady’s official retirement caused the Tampa Bay Buccaneers odds to drop from the favorite spot to the longest odds.

NFC West Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers -190
  • Los Angeles Rams +375
  • Seattle Seahawks +400
  • Arizona Cardinals +2500

After being considered the toughest division in the league over the last five seasons, the San Francisco 49ers have a tight grip with the shortest NFC West odds and have now opened under +200 in the last four seasons.

The LA Rams have a case to make despite a down year after winning the Super Bowl as they dealt with tons of injuries. The Seattle Seahawks, although hot last season, should still be in question about whether or not Geno Smith is their answer under center.

The Arizona Cardinals have a new head coach and will be without Kyler Murray to start the season.

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