No Need To Bet The Over: 5 NFL Win Totals To Play The Under

  • The Los Angeles Rams over/under for team wins is set at 8.5 with the under favored at -125
  • The Indianapolis Colts over/under is set at 8.5 with the over favored at -190.

LOS ANGELES – As the NFL offseason has begun to quiet down, each team’s rosters are starting to take shape. There are some teams that have made big moves but there are questions on if these moves are enough to push them in the right direction?

NFL sportsbooks have over/under odds listed for total team wins for all 32 NFL teams.

There are five teams that bettors should consider taking the under bet on despite their big offseason moves.

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have had quite an eventful offseason. Their over/under for total team wins is set at 8.5 with the under bet favored at -125 and the over bet at -105.

During the offseason, the Rams parted ways with their star running back Todd Gurley who they had not been utilizing correctly.

They also traded away their second receiving option in Brandin Cooks for a second-round draft pick. Drafting Cam Akers could be a solid Gurley replacement, but he is just a rookie.

Many would think that they lost more in the offseason than they brought in, hence why the under is listed as the favorite.

Bettors can take the under here with no hesitation as it is the favorite for a reason. This would be easy money in bettors’ pockets.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are listed on online sportsbooks with an over/under for total team wins at 8.5 as well but with the over favored at -190 and the under listed at +145.

There is no taking away from the Colts positive offseason.

They brought in great talent on both sides of the ball including DeForest Buckner on defense along with Philip Rivers on offense. They added these pieces to a team that already has a top-5 offensive line as well as star talent in T.Y. Hilton and Marlon Mack.

Bettors should not be blind-sided by some of the talents here as Philip Rivers is beyond his prime days.

If any bettors are looking to make a riskier bet here with hopes of a sizeable payout, the under bet for the Colts is the bet to make.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons fans and bettors around the country need to brace themselves for a downhill season. Their over/under is set at 7.5 season wins with the over favored at -130 and the under bet being even.

The Falcons are heading closer and closer to mediocracy each year as for the past four seasons, their regular-season record has gotten worse and worse.

They have released a bunch of players including Vic Beasley and Devonta Freeman. They also lost their star tight end in Austin Hooper who signed with Cleveland.

They did sign Todd Gurley after he was released from the Rams but even Gurley needs to prove himself after a downhill 2019 season.

The fact that the over is the favorite on online sportsbooks should have bettors jumping at the opportunity and take the easy money betting the under.

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are looking at an over/under of 9 wins with both the over and under set at -115 odds. The Vikings have been inconsistent in recent years and bettors can expect the 2020 season to be no different.

Sticking with the still unproven, they have Kirk Cousins under center who could either play very well or completely throw a game.

Aside from Cousins, they shipped away one of half of their star receiving duo in Stefon Diggs. They are now dealing with Dalvin Cook is threatening to hold out from all team activities unless given a reasonable contract extension.

The Vikings do have Adam Thielen who could still produce big numbers but he alone most certainly cannot carry the load offensively especially if a Dalvin Cook deal is not made soon.

As long as Cook is holding out, bettors can take the under on the Vikings and take advantage of the longer odds for a nice payout.

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are looking at a rough 2020 season after the rough offseason they had. Their over/under is set at 7.5 wins with both sides of the bet being at -115 odds.

The Texans parted ways with arguably the best wide receiver in the league in DeAndre Hopkins.

In the Hopkins deal, they brought in an injury-prone David Johnson. They are also relying on Will Fuller and Brandin Cooks to fill the hole that Hopkins departure left.

Both Fuller and Cooks have yet to be number one receiving options in their careers.

Their win total projection is right where it should be, but the odds should be favoring the under No matter, bettors taking the under on the Texans won’t be left disappointed.

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