NFL Underdogs That Could Make the Playoffs 2022 Week 14

  • The Detroit Lions have +700 odds to make the Playoffs, with a 5-7 record.
  • The 4-9 Los Angeles Rams have +3300 odds to make the Playoffs.
  • The Cleveland Browns, at 5-7, have +650 odds to make the Playoffs.

LAS VEGAS - The NFL Playoffs are coming into view, and it seems like the likely Playoff teams are already known, but some underdogs might still be worth betting on.

Detroit Lions, 5-7, +700 Odds To Make Playoffs

The Lions are not likely to make the Playoffs – let’s get that out of the way now. The question is whether they’re more likely to make the Playoffs than their +700 odds indicate – and that’s an interesting one.

They have the 10th easiest remaining schedule in the entire NFL, with their hardest matchups coming against the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets.

They’re effectively on the outside looking in right now – ninth in the NFL’s Playoff Picture for the NFC – but that’s only two spots out of the Playoffs.

The main issues they’ll face are competition from the Washington Commanders, New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks for the Wild Card spots, all of whom have seven wins at the moment.

The Lions will need to pick up a win against Minnesota in Week 14 to keep their hopes of making the Playoffs alive.

Los Angeles Rams, 4-9, +3300 Odds To Make Playoffs

Look, the Rams are almost certainly not making the Playoffs. That said, they have the fourth-weakest schedule in the league coming up.

The Rams are extremely far out of it, ranked at 15th in the NFL’s Playoff Picture for the NFC – this is not a bet that’s likely to cash.

The question is whether it’s a bet with better odds than what the +3300 odds it has implies – it might be a fine wager to toss a small amount of money on.

Cleveland Browns, 5-7, +650 Odds To Make Playoffs

The NFL’s Playoff picture ranks them at 10th in the AFC, but the Browns could be in for a resurgence under Deshaun Watson.

The former Texans QB will be starting in their next game, and he could spur them to the Playoffs.

They have the 15th hardest remaining schedule in the NFL – not great, not bad – and are only two games out of the Playoffs.

Which Of These Teams Will Make Playoffs? Lions/Rams/Browns

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