NFL Odds To Make The Playoffs, Odds To Clinch A Wild Card Spot

  • The Miami Dolphins have +110 odds to make the NFL Playoffs and +320 odds for a Wild Card spot.
  • The LA Chargers have -115 odds to get to the postseason and +220 odds to clinch a Wild Card spot.
  • The Minnesota Vikings are favored to make the playoffs at -130 odds and +300 odds to make the Wild Card round.

LAS VEGAS – Aside from betting on the NFL regular season and Super Bowl futures odds, there are other futures odds to take into consideration when betting on the NFL playoffs that go hand in hand with a particular NFL prop bet.

NFL betting sites have futures odds on which teams will clinch a Wild Card spot in addition to their odds of making the playoffs or not. For those looking to make the most out of their wagers, the odds to clinch a Wild Card spot could turn out to be much more profitable.

Three teams to keep an eye on are the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers, and Minnesota Vikings. All of these teams have short odds to make the playoffs but are not favored to win their division which means they would have to make it to the postseason via a Wild Card spot.

AFC Team Odds To Clinch Wild Card Spot

  • Cleveland Browns +180
  • Baltimore Ravens +200
  • Los Angeles Chargers +220
  • Denver Broncos +225
  • New England Patriots +270
  • Buffalo Bills +300
  • Miami Dolphins +320
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +320

Los Angeles Chargers Wild Card Odds

Starting with the Los Angeles Chargers, their odds to make the Wild Card round should be jumped all over by sports bettors being that they are more than likely not winning the AFC West with the Kansas City Chiefs -300 odds to win the Division. With the Chiefs so heavily favored to win, it forces the Chargers to clinch a Wild Card spot in order to make the playoffs.

The Chargers also have -115 odds to make the playoffs, however, a $100 bet on those odds would profit under $90, while betting $100 on them to clinch the Wild Card would pay out $220. The Chargers finished just under .500 last season and have built up their chemistry in the offseason making their Wild Card odds very fair.

Miami Dolphins Wild Card Odds

The Miami Dolphins are another team that could cash on their Wild Card odds as well. The Dolphins finished just one game outside of the Wild Card Round in 2020 and are on pace to finally make it there this season if all plays out.

The Dolphins have +325 odds to win the AFC East behind the Buffalo Bills at -160. Realistically the Bills have the Dolphins beat on both sides of the ball and are poised to win the division which leaves their Wild Card hopes that much stronger.

With +110 odds to make the playoffs, their only route to getting there would be through the Wild Card round. Betting on their +320 odds to make the Wild Card round would offer $210 more in profit than just their odds to make the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings Wild Card Odds

Vikings To Make The Playoffs

  • Yes -130
  • No +100

Looking at the Minnesota Vikings, they were once favored to win the NFC North until Aaron Rodgers came back and stole the favored odds from them. Now they sit with +250 odds to win the division and rightfully so, as Rodgers can single-handedly win the division leaving the Vikings out of the equation.

That being said, they are still favored to make the playoffs with -130 odds and are shaping up to make a run for it. With their +300 odds to get to the Wild Card Round, there is a $223 difference in the profit that could be made.

Another factor that stands behind the Vikings making the playoffs is that over the last five seasons, they have made the playoffs every other year. Although they missed the playoffs last year, they are due to make them this season.

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