NFL Odds Favor The Steelers, Saints To Gain Top Seed In AFC, NFC

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are favored to be the top seed of the AFC with -150 odds.
  • The New Orleans Saints have -105 odds to be the top seed of the NFC.

PITTSBURGH — With the regular season of the NFL coming close to an end, it is time for NFL bettors to begin looking at which teams have the possibility of being the number one seed in their respective conferences.

NFL sportsbooks have odds listed right now for each conference's top seed. In the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers are sitting at the top of the odds board while in the NFC, it is the New Orleans Saints sitting above the rest.

AFC #1 Seed Odds

  • Pittsburgh Steelers -150
  • Kansas City Chiefs -105
  • Buffalo Bills +4000
  • Tennessee Titans +4000
  • Cleveland Browns +5500
  • Baltimore Ravens +10000
  • Indianapolis Colts +15000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +15000
  • Miami Dolphins +15000

Starting with the AFC odds, the Pittsburgh Steelers are sitting at the top of the odds boards to be the top seed and rightfully so. They are currently the only undefeated team in the league right now at 10-0. However, they do have a very tough remaining schedule.

In three of their five remaining games, they are facing teams that are not only sitting with an above .500 record but who are also in line to make the playoffs as well. The (* Steelers *) are looking at games against the Bills, Colts and Browns.

That’s not to say that they have not taken down tough teams all season long, but as the season draws a close, those teams that they face will all try and push as hard as possible for better playoff positioning. The Steelers also have not been the top seed in the AFC since back in 2004 when they went 15-1.

Following the Steelers are the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs who surely enough, can never be counted out as they are just one game behind the Steelers in terms of regular-season record.

As for the Chiefs remaining schedule, they have a much easier route than the Steelers as they have three games against below .500 teams as well as a matchup with the up and coming Miami Dolphins which could put them in position to take over the top spot if the Steelers were to drop a game. Looking at the Chiefs' last appearance as a top seed in the AFC, it was back in 2018 when the Mahomes era took over in Kansas City.

Being that the Chiefs have the much easier schedule to finish the season, NFL bettors could take the chance here on Kansas City for a slightly better payout than the Steelers would offer.


Now looking at the NFC odds, the New Orleans Saints are sitting right at the top as mentioned before and are followed by the Green Bay Packers.

NFC #1 Seed Odds

  • New Orleans Saints -105
  • Green Bay Packers +190
  • Seattle Seahawks +290
  • Los Angeles Rams +2000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5000
  • Arizona Cardinals +10000
  • San Francisco 49ers +15000
  • Minnesota Vikings +20000
  • Chicago Bears +30000

The New Orleans Saints are sitting at the top for a reason as they currently have the best record in the NFC at 9-2 and are also on an eight-game win streak after starting the season at 1-2.

In the bettors’ eyes, the Saints have the best chances to finish with the top seed as four of their five remaining games on their schedule are coming against non-playoff teams who have below .500 records. If they can take advantage of those teams, they will certainly clinch the top seed in a matter of weeks. The Saints are no strangers to the top seed either as they were recently the top seed back in 2018.

Right behind the Saints are the 8-3 Green Bay Packers who also have a very favorable remaining schedule as four of the five teams left are sitting on the outside of the playoffs looking in with sub .500 records. Two of those teams are the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears who they have faced and beaten earlier in the year.

The fact that the Packers have somewhat of longshot odds here should have bettors really taking advantage of this being that if the Saints lose just one game, they will be tied for the top spot. Something that is not on the Packers' side is the fact that the last time they were the top seed was back in 2011 when they finished 15-1.

Being that the Saints are also without Drew Brees under center for the time being, betting on the Packers would be a great bet to make as they not only have the talent to finish with the top seed but would offer a great payout with it.

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