NFL Mythical Matchups, The New Way To Bet NFL Games

  • Bovada is offering Mythical Matchup NFL odds.
  • These odds are gamelines between two teams in different games.

LAS VEGAS – Some NFL betting sites are now offering a new way to bet on NFL games with Mythical Matchup odds. These odds give bettors an opportunity to bet on teams head to head odds while they are playing in different games.

As an example, Bovada’s NFL odds for the Mythical Matchup in Week 2 between the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles had a spread set of Bills -2.5. The Bills won their matchup against the Tennessee Titans 41-7, a 34-point margin, while the Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24-7, a 17-point margin. Therefore, the final score of the mythical matchup between the Bills and Eagles was 34-17 leaving the Bills to cover a 2.5-point spread.

This gives bettors a chance to now have action on two separate games in one bet without it being a parlay. It makes the matchups much more interesting and gives a new angle to betting on the NFL.

Bovada is not the only NFL sportsbook to offer mythical matchup odds either. The land-based sportsbook at Casino Del Sol has also begun offering mythical matchup odds as a way to bring in new bettors to their retail location.

“It allows you to bet any team you want against any other team in the NFL, regardless of who they’re matched up against,” said John Collins, the director of Casino Del Sol sportsbook.

Those looking to bet on any mythical matchup odds won’t have any trouble in finding them as they are usually posted at the same time that normal gamelines come up for that week. These odds do shift as well so the best time to get in on them is when they first open for the best value.

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