Mike Williams Prop Bets Leading Him To A Great Season

  • Mike Williams’ yards O/U against the Las Vegas Raiders is set at 75.5 yards.
  • Averaging 98 yards per game, his odds to hit the over are set at -115.

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Chargers upset the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3, and Mike Williams was a big part of doing so.

Williams, a fifth year player out of Clemson, is having the best season of his career. Through three games, he has 22 receptions for 295 yards and four touchdowns.

His dominance comes from his increased usage and his increased catch rate. Williams is catching 7.3 passes per game, where his previous high was 3.3, and his catch rate is 71.0% where his previous high was 65.2%.

In other words, Williams is catching more passes than he ever has before, at a higher rate than he ever has before.

His yards/target is at 9.5, reflecting his increased role in the short and midrange passing game - similar to how Michael Thomas was used for the New Orleans Saints.

Mike Williams Receiving Yards Props

Williams is expected to be one of the most productive players on the field when the Chargers meet the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football.

Mike Williams Receiving Yards Prop Bet

  • Over 75.5 -115
  • Under 75.5 -115

In fact, of all the players on the field during the game, Williams has the second-highest receiving yards O/U, behind only his teammate Keenan Allen.

Intriguingly, the online sportsbooks do believe that Williams has some long plays in his repertoire.

Mike Williams Longest Reception Prop

  • Over 24.5 -110
  • Under 24.5 -120

This number is tied for the longest reception length O/U in the game, with Keenan Allen sitting at 24.5 and Darren Waller at 22.5 yards. Williams has had a 43 yard reception and a 27 yard reception on the season, but against the Super Bowl contending Chiefs, his longest reception was 20 yards.

One stat that boosts Williams’ case to make long receptions is that he’s having an amazing season in terms of yards after the catch. He’s averaging 4.6 yards after the catch - 102 of his 295 receiving yards came after he caught the ball.

This comes without too many big broken-field plays - he’s just averaging a decent run after he catches every ball.

Williams’ big breakout year could continue against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football, which airs at 8:20 EST on NBC.


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