Live Betting: What Chiefs-Texans Taught Us About Sports Betting

  • Live betting is an important tool in the arsenal of any sports bettor.
  • Kansas City defeated Houston 51-31 and were favored by 9.5 points before the game began.
  • At one point, Kansas City was down 24-0 and were no longer favored to win the game at all.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As NFL fans should know by now, the Kansas City Chiefs started their divisional-round game against the Houston Texans by giving up 24 unanswered points.

Similarly, they should all know by now that the Chiefs roared back into the game with their offense exploding to take a lead before halftime on the way to an eventual 51-31 decimation of the Texans.

There is one very obvious lesson that one can take away from the result of the game. One should never underestimate the explosiveness of Kansas City’s offense, given the talents of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and his elite-level targets Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman, and Tyreek Hill.

However, one other important concept got drilled home during the game, and that is the utility of live betting during games like this, especially with regards to Kansas City.

Live Betting On The Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City entered the game heavy favorites, with good reason. The Texans were widely regarded as one of the worst teams remaining in the playoffs, with the longest Super Bowl odds in the conference. Kansas City, meanwhile, had fairly short odds, and was widely regarded as one of the most talented teams in football.

It should have come as no surprise, then, that Kansas City was favored by a significant amount in the matchup – 9.5 points at most online betting sites.

What did come as a surprise is how the game played out. While Kansas City was down 24-0, they had gone all the way from -9.5 to unfavored to win the game at all. If one was live betting, they could have gotten excellent odds on Kansas City to win the game compared to the pregame odds.

Kansas City is known for their explosive offense and below-average defense. They are the exact kind of team that is liable to go down early but explode as soon as they get rolling.

The windows are quite small to bet on the favorite when they are down but showing signs of life, however. It did not take Kansas City tying the game up for them to become favored again, in fact, it barely took two minutes of gameplay.

When dealing with an offense as explosive as Kansas City’s, odds can change in seconds, as big gains and even touchdowns are on the table at all times.

Sports bettors would be wise to take these lessons into account before placing bets on the games in the AFC Championship.

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