Justin Fields Player Props Once Again Set Too High In Week 9

  • Justin Fields has a 185.5 passing yards total with -115 odds on both sides.
  • He has a 0.5 passing touchdowns total with the OVER being a -125 betting favorite.

PITTSBURGHJustin Fields continues to have player props that expect him to show improvement despite that week after week of falling short. Online betting sites have his passing yards total set at a number he has reached just once this season.

Justin Fields Passing Yards Total

  • OVER 185.5 -115
  • UNDER 185.5 -115

Fields is currently riding a four-game streak of falling short of the set number. He’s averaging just 153.5 yards per game as a starting quarterback and yet his total is set 30+ yards above his season average.

Although Joe Burrow is the only quarterback to have less than 185 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, there’s a reason why the Chicago Bears average 53.5 fewer passing yards than the next worst team in the NFL.

Until Fields can prove he’s capable of reaching this mark, it seems like the safe move to bet the UNDER.

Justin Fields Passing Touchdowns Total: O/U 0.5

It’s already alarming to see a starting quarterback in the modern-day NFL having a touchdown passing total of just 0.5, but Fields has been such an unimpressive passer that it makes sense. The only complaint may be that NFL betting sites aren’t favoring the UNDER.

Justin Fields Passing Touchdowns Odds

  • OVER 0.5 -125
  • UNDER 0.5 +110

Fields has thrown for just three touchdowns this season despite starting six games. The Steelers are 12th in the NFL in passing touchdowns allowed per game (1.6), but Fields has never thrown for multiple touchdowns in a game and is only recording one in 50% of his games as a starter.

Fields hasn’t been incredibly efficient in the red zone, but the bigger problem is Chicago’s ability to even get the ball there.

The Bears average the fewest total yards per game (264.0). For Fields to confidently hit this total he may need his defense to force a turnover or two to give him better field position.

However, the Bears have the ninth-fewest takeaways in the NFL which doesn’t bode well for the chances of that happening. In short, Fields’ player props are often overvalued and anticipate him to hit totals that he has not shown he’s capable of reaching on a consistent basis. Until proven otherwise, continue to bet the UNDER, regardless of the bet.

The game is set to begin at 8:15 p.m. EST on Monday night and can be seen on ESPN.

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