Josh Allen Separates Himself From The Field As MVP Favorite

  • Josh Allen currently has +210 odds to be named the NFL’s MVP.
  • Tom Brady is the closest behind with a +375 betting line.
  • Dak Prescott (+750) and Mathew Stafford (+800) are the next options on the board.

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Josh Allen has been one of the favorites in the MVP race for a majority of the season, however, his odds have never been this short.

Josh Allen The Big Favorite

Josh Allen is having a year to remember, as he’s currently fifth in the NFL in passing yards, sixth in touchdown passes and seventh in QBR.

Plus, he’s already had his BYE week.

NFL betting sites have shortened his odds over the last few weeks, but he’s now the largest MVP favorite he’s been this season.

NFL 2021/22 MVP

  • Josh Allen +210
  • Tom Brady +375
  • Dak Prescott +750
  • Matthew Stafford +800
  • Aaron Rodgers +1000
  • Lamar Jackson +1000
  • Kyler Murray +1100
  • Patrick Mahomes +1600
  • Justin Herbert +2000

While Allen very much deserves to be in the MVP conversation, it may not be the right time to bet on him. The Buffalo Bills still have many tough defenses on the schedule including the Patriots (twice), Buccaneers, Saints, Colts and Panthers.

However, this may not come down to Allen actually winning the award, but his competitors losing it.

Rest Of The Field Struggling

Part of the reason why Allen’s odds are getting shorter is that all of his top competitors are going through a rough patch in the season all at the same time. Kyler Murray has missed two games and may miss another, Tom Brady has lost two weeks in a row with a combined four interceptions and Matthew Stafford has also lost two straight games with a 2-4 TD/INT ratio.

The one who currently seems to have the best chance to overtake Allen, is Brady. He’s second on the NFL sportsbooks odds boards and has the statistical advantage over Allen. They’ve played the same number of games, their team has the same record, but Brady has more passing yards, touchdowns and a higher QBR.

Plus, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the easiest schedules remaining in the NFL that includes games against the Jets, Giants and Falcons.

How Did Mahomes Get Back In The Conversation?

After being labeled the preseason favorite to win MVP, Patrick Mahomes had a rough start to the season. However, there’s a chance he’s reentered the conversation as a viable option.

Mahomes is second in the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns but is held back by his 10 interceptions.

His 35-for-50 passing, 406-yard, five-touchdown, no-interception performance in primetime may have been the welcoming party for the return of the Mahomes of usual. Given his +1600 odds, he’s probably worth getting some action on, even if it’s just a small play.

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