Is It Smart To Bet Against Tom Brady’s Interception Prop

  • Tom Brady has -115 odds to throw for under 12.5 interceptions for the 2021 season. Brady has not thrown for over 12.5 int. in a season since 2009.
  • Tom Brady tied his second-best completion percentage in 2021, with a 67.4 percent rate, even with his 82 pass attempts exceeding any other season.

TAMPA –Tom Brady has a projected 12.5 interceptions total for the course of the 2022-2023 NFL regular season through online sportsbooks. Brady, entering his 21st season at age 45, has only thrown for over 12.5 interceptions four times in his career.

Tom Brady Interception Total

  • Over 12.5 -115
  • Under 12.5 -115

Brady has played 19 full seasons throughout his career but has shown an increase in productivity in touchdown passes and passing yards over the years. He has not thrown for over 12 interceptions since the 2009 season. However, Brady has thrown for exactly 12 in the last two seasons, and a total of six times.

It is important to keep in mind that the NFL regular season is now 17 games, explaining how he had 82 more pass attempts and 489 more passing yards than any other season in his career.

Tom Brady’s Past Passing Stats (Past 5 Seasons)

Year Int Passing Yards Completion Percentage
2021 12 5,316 67.4
2020 12 4,633 65.7
2019 8 4,057 60.8
2018 11 4,355 65.8
2017 8 4,577 66.3

Even with the increase in pass attempts, betting on the under for this interception total prop has value at online sportsbooks, with Brady’s experience of knowing when and where to throw the football.

TB12 tied his second-best completion percentage during the 2021 season, at 67.4%, showing he is not heading in the direction of throwing more picks the older he gets.

Betting On Brad’s Receivers

Tom Brady not only has the past stats to back up him hitting the under on his interception total but also has one of the most experienced receiving cores in the NFL.

Julio Jones and Kyle Rudolph are the two new guys in Tampa that Brady will have as passing threats, increasing his reliable options after Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

2021 Stats For Brady’s 2022 Targets

Receiver Targets Percentage Drops Interceptions On Targets
Chris Godwin 127 77.2 5 2
Mike Evans 114 64.9 2 3
Julio Jones 48 64.6 1 2
Kyle Rudolph 39 66.7 0 0
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