Is -375 Too Expensive For Chiefs To Win AFC West?

  • The Kansas City Chiefs are currently sitting at -375 odds to win the AFC West in 2020.
  • The Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders are tied for the next closest odds at +800.
  • While the Chiefs are returning Super Bowl Champions, there isn’t much value taking them at these odds.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Coming off of their dynamic Super Bowl win in 2019, many experts are high on the Kansas City Chiefs to continue their success in 2020.

During the offseason, pundits and handicapped spend their time formulating future odds to entice bettors.

While everyone thinks they can predict the future, most picks usually don’t pan out the way bettors plan.

After all, if everyone knew the Kansas City Chiefs were winning the title last year, there would be no fun in betting.

It is the oddsmaker's job to offer betting lines that entice the bettors into thinking they can win some money, and that is especially true for futures bets.

That brings us to the odds for the Chiefs. Football bettors can currently find odds for Kansas City to win the AFC West.

Division Futures – Odds to Win AFC West:

  • Kansas City Chiefs -375
  • Denver Broncos +800
  • Las Vegas Raiders +800
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1000

The Chiefs are getting huge odds to repeat as divisional champions in the AFC West at a whopping -375.

While the Chiefs are most likely the strongest team in question, is -375 worth the bet?

For a -375 bet, a bettor would have to lay down $375 just to win $100.

While the Chiefs are certainly the favorites to win the West, parity is such a huge factor in the NFL landscape.

Only the New England Patriots have been able to maintain championship football over extended periods of time in recent history.

The Chiefs are hoping that they have the next dynasty on their hands behind the cannon of Patrick Mahomes.

But the fact remains that the Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, or even Los Angeles Chargers could easily rise up and be a surprise contender.

Just like the Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Rams, and even the Chiefs themselves, we know all it takes is one superstar to change the course of a franchise.

While the Chiefs have found their man, the next unknown phenom could be born in the AFC West.

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