How Many Games Will The Bears, Lions, Vikings, and Packers Win In 2020?

  • The NFC North provided two teams in the 2019 NFL Playoffs with both teams making it to the Divisional Round.
  • The Packers, Bears, Vikings and Lions all had decent seasons but could use some improvement.
  • The Over/Under for NFC North team wins in 2020 are all around the same mark.

NEW YORK - The NFC North had an overall great season. They were the second-best division in the NFC and are looking to be the best division next year. Their overall record was 34-29.

Most of the Over/Under predictions at Super Bowl betting sites are fair but some are surprisingly low for the division this year.

Of all the teams, the Detroit Lions have the most work to do in order to keep their division above the rest. The Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears are able to do their part to keep them where they need to be.

Green Bay Packers

What is there to say about the Packers? They came out swinging this past season as they do every season. They outdid their preseason projection of 11-5 going 13-3. They started the season 7-1. People are always quick to overlook them but let it be known that they are as serious a contender as anyone else in the league. Their defense proved that as they held teams to under 20 points 8 times in 2019.

With Davante Adams sitting out for four games, their receiving core was able to step up during his absence. Aaron Rodgers per usual had an MVP caliber season having thrown for over 4,000 yards for the second straight season along with 26 touchdowns and a league-low 4 interceptions.

This season was all Aaron Jones, though. Jones proved to be an elite running back this year putting up monster numbers. Not to mention he led the leagues running backs with 16 touchdowns and had a career-high 1,084 rushing yards and 474 receiving yards.

The Packers Over/Under for the 2020 season is 9.5. If they were to continue playing at a high level, betting the over could be beneficial.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had an impressive season as well. They were projected to go 10-6 and did just that. Not a lot of people were expecting much from Kirk Cousins as he was coming off a rough season with turnovers. He proved them wrong going for 3,603 yards and 26 touchdowns with only 6 interceptions.

The NFL finally got to see the most out of Dalvin Cook as he only missed two games giving him career numbers across the board including 13 touchdowns. Although Adam Thielen was dealing with a season-long injury, Stephon Diggs was able to step up as he had a nice season as well.

The Vikings Over/Under for the 2020 season is 9.5. This is a fair number and can go either way. The defense did have an off-year but if they were to return to their original elite form, the over would be smart. They could perhaps fill some of those defensive roles in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Chicago Bears

The Bears season did not go as planned, they were projected to go 12-4 and ended up 8-8. To put it simply, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is not the right guy for this Bears team. He threw double-digit interceptions for a second straight season and his touchdown numbers are down from last year at 17. He was also sacked a career-high 38 times, it’s surprising he can still walk after the number of hits he took.

Chicago’s run game is not terrible, but it could definitely use some work and help. Tarik Cohen was nowhere to be found after a decent year in 2018. David Montgomery had an alright rookie season going for 889 yards and 6 touchdowns. They could use some help up front at the offensive line as both Cohen and Montgomery averaged less than 4 yards per carry.

“Da Bears” Over/Under for the 2020 season is 8 wins. It’s a fair but nerve-wracking number as it could really go either way. If they don’t make any moves to fix their O-line, the under could be considerable.

Detroit Lions

The Lions had a very disappointing and unfortunate season. Having a preseason projection of 10-6 with the playoffs looking to be in their future, injuries held them to a 3-12-1 record. Matthew Stafford was playing like he had something to prove. He was on pace for a career year going for 2,500 yards and 19 touchdowns in just 8 games until he suffered a season-ending back injury.

Injuries did not stop there as their starting running back Kerryon Johnson was placed on the injury reserved list shortly after Stafford. This is the second time in his two-year career that he has been placed on IR. Before his injury, he was on pace to outdo his 2018 stats with 530 total yards and 4 touchdowns.

On the bright side of things, Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones Jr. had solid seasons but weren’t able to produce as much as they wanted without Matthew Stafford under center. T.J. Hockenson, on the other hand, had a great 1st game of the season, but that’s about it. The rest of his season was no doubt a bust.

Detroit’s Over/Under for the 2020 season is 6.5. This seems like a low number for a team that had high expectations. If they can stay healthy this year, the over should be favored as they have the playmakers to do so.

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