How Does NFL Germany Impact Betting Trends, Lines?

  • The NFL wants to expand its international pull by hosting regular-season games in Germany.
  • They’ve started the process of searching for a suitable host city.
  • Betting trends in international games favor the Under and the favorites.

LAS VEGAS – The NFL has officially launched a process that will look to find a host city in Germany that will hold regular-season games.

NFL football is no stranger to international play as games have been played in Mexico City, London and Canada.

Why Germany?

According to the NFL’s statement, Germany is a leading market in fantasy football, jersey sales and Madden sales. The NFL also has a bit of a working relationship with Germany in the past as the country has been host to five preseason games between 1990 and 1994.

Further, viewership in Germany has been steadily increasing and actually set a record during last year’s Super Bowl. It seems only a matter of time until NFL Germany envelops and becomes the norm for a variety of countries.

Betting Trends For International Games

Betting on international games brings more to handicapping games than a normal regular-season game. There’s additional travel, jet lag among other factors. Regardless, there are a couple of betting trends for games outside of the country.

Betting The Under

The last 10 games in London have seen an average of 37.8 points per game, much lower than the average NFL game.

Multiple teams averaged over 30 points per game by themselves last year. The low-scoring games could be for a variety of reasons, but NFL bettors should look at point totals in upcoming international games.

Favorites Tend To Succeed

Since 2007, the betting favorite has won over 75% of the games straight up. Favorites also are winning by big margins with an average point differential of over 15 points.

This leads to the favorite covering the spread in over 60% of games.

Sports betting sites may start adjusting spreads towards a wider margin, but until then betting on the favorite could remain very profitable.

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