First Round Of Super Bowl 58 Props Open

  • Coin toss odds for Super Bowl 58 are set at -115.
  • The NFC has -130 odds to win Super Bowl 58.
  • There are Super Bowl props for both the exact matchup and exact outcome.

LAS VEGAS – With the NFL playoffs set to begin in under two weeks, loads of betting odds are set to come available. Super Bowl 58 sportsbooks have already opened different prop odds for the game itself with the number of props expected to hit the hundreds in the coming weeks.

Super Bowl prop bets are different odds that allow bettors to bet on anything even remotely related to the game such as pregame activities to other things happening within the game as well as postgame topics.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

  • Heads -115
  • Tails -115

One of the most bet on props is the Super Bowl coin toss odds which requires no prior research unless bettors want to check out betting trends and results from prior years. The odds remain at standard -115 where a $100 bet pays out just under $90.

Super Bowl Conference Winner

  • AFC +105
  • NFC -130

Other than betting on the Super Bowl 58 futures odds, betting sites are offering moneyline odds between the conference for the winner. The NFC is favored under even at -130 with the San Francisco 49ers currently favored to win at +185.

Super Bowl 58 Exact Matchup Odds

  • BAL Ravens Vs SF 49ers +275
  • BUF Bills Vs SF 49ers +625
  • KC Chiefs Vs SF 49ers +750
  • BAL Ravens Vs DAL Cowboys +900
  • MIA Dolphins Vs SF 49ers +1100
  • BAL Ravens Vs PHI Eagles +1200
  • BAL Ravens Vs DET Lions +1800
  • BUF Bills Vs DAL Cowboys +1800
  • CLE Browns Vs SF 49ers +2000
  • KC Chiefs Vs DAL Cowboys +2100
  • BUF Bills Vs PHI Eagles +2200
  • KC Chiefs Vs PHI Eagles +2750

Another popular Super Bowl 58 prop bet to make is on the exact matchup of who is going to play in the game itself. The heaviest favored matchup right now is between the Baltimore Ravens and Sa Francisco 49ers who are both favored to win the AFC and NFC Championships. The Ravens have +130 odds to win the AFC and are the only team with under +300 odds to win. The Niners are -140 favorites to win the NFC and are also the only other team with under +300 odds to win their conference.

Super Bowl 58 Exact Outcome Odds

  • SF 49ers To Beat BAL Ravens +500
  • BAL Ravens To Beat SF 49ers +600
  • SF 49ers To Beat BUF Bills +1000
  • SF 49ers To Beat KC Chiefs +1000
  • BUF Bills To Beat SF 49ers +1100
  • BAL Ravens To Beat DAL Cowboys +1600
  • DAL Cowboys To Beat BAL Ravens +1600
  • SF 49ers To Beat MIA Dolphins +1600
  • BAL Ravens To Beat PHI Eagles +2000
  • KC Chiefs To Beat SF 49ers +2000
  • MIA Dolphins To Beat SF 49ers +2500
  • DAL Cowboys To Beat BUF Bills +3300

Feeding off of the exact matchup Super Bowl odds, here are odds on the exact outcome. With the Ravens and Niners favored to meet in the Super Bowl, both combinations of them beating each other are favored with +500 odds on San Francisco beating Baltimore and +600 going in the other direction.

The Niners and Ravens did meet in the regular season in San Francisco where the Ravens had their way and won in dominating fashion 33-19.

All of these odds are currently live at Bovada Sportsbook and will remain open and shift until the Super Bowl is set and comes to an end.

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