Exact Super Bowl 57 Matchups Odds Favor Top Seeds

  • A Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have +500 odds of happening.
  • There are +600 odds for the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles to meet in Super Bowl 57.

PHOENIX – With Super Bowl 57 nearing by the day, NFL betting sites have odds for the exact SB57 matchup. These odds offer tons of value with the shortest being +500 ($100 to win $500). There are also an endless amount of combinations to choose from with all of the eight teams remaining.

The one team that is listed in the two shortest odds on NFL online sportsbooks are the Kansas City Chiefs with a matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers.

Super Bowl 57 Exact Matchup Odds

  • KC Chiefs Vs PHI Eagles +500
  • KC Chiefs Vs SF 49ers +550
  • BUF Bills Vs PHI Eagles +600
  • BUF Bills Vs SF 49ers +650

Out Of The AFC

In the AFC, the only two teams that should come to mind when talking about the Super Bowl should be the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. Both teams have held the shortest odds to win not just the AFC Championship, but the Super Bowl all season long.

Their Divisional Round gamelines are also in favor of them advancing to the AFC Championship game which would be held at a neutral site with the Chiefs favored over the Jacksonville Jaguars by 8.5 points and the Bills favored by 5 points over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Both the Chiefs and Bills met earlier in the season in Kansas City where Buffalo came out on top as a road team favorite of 2.5 points.

Out Of The NFC

There are also two strong candidates to come out of the NFC as well in the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers.

The Eagles are favored by 7.5 points over the Giants and have beaten them twice already in the regular season.

The 49ers are 3.5-point favorites over the Dallas Cowboys, and are currently riding an 11-game win streak. The Niners are also tied for the best home record in the league at 8-1. While the Cowboys would present a tough matchup, they are 5-4 on the road this season including the playoffs.

How To Turn A Profit Betting On Multiple Exact Matchups

It is possible to turn a profit betting on each of the top-4 shortest exact matchup odds using different combinations between the Chiefs, Bills, 49ers, and Eagles. Splitting $100 into $25 bets across all four would profit at least $50 after getting paid back the $75 lost from the other three bets.

  • Chiefs and Eagles would profit $50.
  • Chiefs and 49ers make $62.50 in profit.
  • A $75 profit is for the Bills vs. Eagles.
  • Bills and 49ers offer a $87.50 payout.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl

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