Everybody Loves Eric: Bienemy Near Top Of Every NFL’s Betting Board

  • Several NFL franchises are openly looking for new head coaches at the moment.
  • Eric Bienemy is at the top of several lists including +150 odds to take the Texans job and +175 odds to take the Falcons job.

LAS VEGAS - Eric Bienemy has made quite a name for himself as the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bienemy’s work as the Chiefs OC has made him an easy answer to the question of who teams want to hire in the upcoming NFL offseason.

Bienemy’s season is not done, but the teams that are looking to hire head coaches are already on the move. Right now, the sportsbooks have odds on the next head coaches for the Chargers, the Falcons, the Jets, the Lions and the Texans.

Bienemy is in the mix for all of these jobs, which is an interesting setup from a gambling perspective, as obviously he can only take one of them.

Next Chargers Full Time Head Coach Hired

  • Brian Daboll +250
  • Joe Brady +275
  • Eric Bieniemy +600
  • Josh McDaniels +700
  • Robert Saleh +700
  • Arthur Smith +900
  • Dave Toub +900
  • Matt Campbell +900
  • Pat Fitzgerald +900
  • Pep Hamilton +900

Brian Daboll sits atop the Chargers odds boards. Daboll, OC for the Buffalo Bills, is in much the same position as Bienemy, albeit with a slightly shorter time period of success under his belt.

Other candidates for the job worth mentioning include Joe Brady, Josh McDaniels and Robert Saleh. These are names that will show up again when discussing the other teams involved.

One suspects that Bienemy is low on this list not because the Chargers aren’t interested, but because he is likely to go somewhere else. That said, the Chargers have Justin Herbert on a rookie contract, making them one of the more attractive teams to an offensive-minded coach like Bienemy.

Next Falcons Full Time Head Coach Hired

  • Eric Bieniemy +175
  • Raheem Morris +400
  • Brandon Staley +500
  • Todd Bowles +500
  • Robert Saleh +600
  • Brian Daboll +700
  • Lincoln Riley +700

Bienemy is close to an odds on favorite to win the Falcons job, with +175 odds to do so. His odds lead the pack by a large margin.

The next closest candidate for the job is current interim head coach Raheem Morris. Other notable coaching candidates in the running include Daboll and Saleh once again, as well as Oklahoma HC Lincoln Riley.

Next Jets Full Time Head Coach Hired

  • Brian Daboll +300
  • Dan Mullen +500
  • Arthur Smith +600
  • Matt Eberflus +600
  • Joe Brady +700
  • Eric Bieniemy +750
  • Lincoln Riley +800
  • Matt Campbell +900

The Jets job, interestingly, is one of the openings with the most uncertainty about who will fill it in the next season. No candidate is below +300 odds, with Brian Daboll sitting at +300, and several truly interesting candidates below him.

Florida HC Dan Mullen is +500, while Lincoln Riley once again shows up as a potential college-to-pro move.

Bienemy has +750 odds to end up with the Jets, and one has to imagine that much of that is on him - if he was interested, surely they would be too.

Next Lions Head Coach Hired

  • Robert Saleh +125
  • Eric Bieniemy +300
  • Jim Harbaugh +600
  • Marvin Lewis +600
  • Matt Eberflus +750

The sportsbooks believe that the Lions and 49ers DC Robert Saleh are a match made in heaven.

Saleh’s odds to be the next head coach of the Lions are the shortest odds of anyone to be the next head coach of any of these teams. As always, however, Bienemy is in the mix, sitting at +300 odds to take the job from Saleh.

Next Texans Full-Time Head Coach Hired

  • Eric Bieniemy +150
  • Matt Eberflus +300
  • Brian Schottenheimer +500
  • Don Martindale +750
  • Matt Campbell +750
  • Joe Brady +800

The Texans seem to have a very good shot at ending up with Bienemy coaching their team, which makes some sense from a personnel standpoint.

DeShaun Watson is not Patrick Mahomes, but there are some similarities between the way the two quarterbacks play the game. The Texans have already asked for permission to interview Bienemy for the vacant HC position, with Watson noting his approval.

"We'll see where that goes but I've heard nothing but great things from coach and all the players in KC about Eric,” said Watson.

Eric Bienemy Coaching Odds

  • Bienemy to Texans +150
  • Bienemy to Falcons +175
  • Bienemy to Lions +300
  • Bienemy to Chargers +600
  • Bienemy to Jets +750

These NFL futures odds may not last long it is has become clear that teams are after Eric Bienemy and want him to leave.

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