Dan Snyder Sells Commanders, Odds For New Team Name Come Up

  • Dan Snyder completed the sale of the Washington Commanders for $6 billion.
  • There are -300 odds that the Washington Commanders will keep their name.
  • There are +575 odds that they will change their name back to the Washington Football Team.

WASHINGTON D.C. – The pressure of owning the Washington Commanders has finally caught up to Dan Snyder after owning the team for 24 years. There were several factors that led to Snyder’s sale of the team.

Those included a reported “toxic” work environment by several employees, the constant failure of the team with just six playoff appearances within that span, and also his inability to win over the fans and make renovations to the stadium, FedEx Field.

Snyder agreed to sell the team for a whopping $6.03 billion to the current owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils, Josh Harris. Harris and his ownership group includes Magic Johnson.

Stint As Commanders Coming To An End?

With the sale of the team, NFL online sportsbooks were quick to act and have odds on if the name of the team will stay the same or change.

Name Of Washington Commanders Franchise Before Game 1 Of 2024/25 Season

  • Washington Commanders -300
  • Washington Football Team +575
  • Any Other Name +225

While there haven’t been any reports of the new ownership moving on from the Washington Commanders name and branding, they could look to do so as a way to cleanse any bad aura that surrounded the team under Snyder.

The process though could support some action on both their odds to return to the Washington Football Team or any other name. They could either take one whole season to decide on a new name and go back to the Washington Football Team name. Or, they could already have a new team name and have the team ready for rebranding by the time the 2024-25 season comes around.

Again though, this is all speculation that the new ownership group will look to move on from anything related to Dan Snyder. They could very well keep the Commanders name.

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