Dalvin Cook Odds Suggest He’ll Play for the Dolphins

  • Dalvin Cook is heavily favored to play for the Miami Dolphins with -300 odds.
  • There are +600 odds for Dalvin Cook to play for the Buffalo Bills.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals have +1000 to land Dalvin Cook.

MIAMI – In what many saw coming, the Minnesota Vikings released star running back Dalvin Cook leaving him to sign with any team that he pleases. However, he could be making his best LeBron James impersonation and take his talents to South Beach, which is where the odds are heavily favoring him to land.

Dalvin Cook Next Team Odds for Game 1 Of the 2023-24 Season

  • Miami Dolphins -300
  • New York Jets +350
  • Buffalo Bills +600
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1000
  • Dallas Cowboys +1100
  • Chicago Bears +1400
  • San Francisco 49ers +1600
  • New England Patriots +1600

The Miami Dolphins odds at NFL betting sites to land Dalvin Cook seem like a perfect fit, as he has also hinted that this is his preferred destination. On a recent Instagram story, Cook posted a picture of himself inside of Hard Rock Stadium.

Dalvin Cook grew up in Miami and played high school football at Miami Central. There has also been reported interest in both parties.

Bills Odds Offer Eye Opening Value

Another team to keep an eye on in the Cook sweepstakes are the Buffalo Bills considering that they have been in the market for a running back since early last season. Where the Bills have a leg up is that they currently have James Cook, Dalvin’s brother, listed as their RB1.

Cook would fit right into the Bills offense as they already play with a run-heavy offense that averaged 26.4 rush attempts per game and 139.5 rush yards per game. Dalvin Cook would also fit well into their passing game as Bills RBs totaled 111 targets last season. Cook had 56 targets for 295 yards and two receiving touchdowns.

Cook Replacing Mixon?

There has still been no word on the status of Joe Mixon after he’s been charged with pointing a gun at a woman. However, there has been some word floating around that he could be next in line to be cut leaving a massive hole for the Cincinnati Bengals to fill and Dalvin Cook could be an elite replacement if that is the route that they decide to take.

Dalvin Cook to play for the Miami Dolphins

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