Custom Parlays the Best Bet for Super Bowl 58 Matchups

  • By betting on premade Super Bowl 58 matchups, most bettors are costing themselves significant profits.
  • The only potential exact matchup bet for the Super Bowl that is worth it is for the Baltimore Ravens to face the San Francisco 49ers with +100 odds at BetOnline.

BALTIMORE – Betting on Super Bowl matchups at online sportsbooks is one of the most popular ways that Americans are getting in on the action ahead of the Conference Championship games on Sunday, but nearly all bettors are costing themselves money with the way that they are doing it.

Specifically, nearly all sites for where to bet on the Super Bowl matchups are lessening the payouts when users bet on their premade combo parlays instead of parlaying the winners of each Conference Championship game manually.

Using two of the best Super Bowl 58 betting sites in the US, Bovada and BetOnline, we can visualize how much value bettors are losing when taking the premade parlays for nearly every possible matchup.

The table below uses the term “Manual” to describe hand-built parlays for the AFC and NFC championship games, while “Premade” is used for the sportsbook-built premade parlay.

Possible SB 58 Matchup Bovada Manual Bovada Premade BetOnline Manual BetOnline Premade
Chiefs vs 49ers +247 +210 +250 +225
Chiefs vs Lions +913 +700 +933 +800
Ravens vs 49ers -108 -105 -105 +100
Ravens vs Lions +463 +425 +472 +460

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As the table indicates, the only matchup that has longer odds when premade by the sportsbook instead of by hand is for the Baltimore Ravens to face the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58 when bet at BetOnline.

All other ways to bet on the Super Bowl matchup in premade parlays at Bovada and BetOnline costs bettors value ahead of SB 58.

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