Chiefs Expected To Win 3 Or More Super Bowls With Mahomes

  • The Over/Under for Patrick Mahomes’ championships on the new contract sit 2.5 Super Bowls.
  • Oddsmakers believe in Mahomes, as the opening line on the over is at -140.

LAS VEGAS – It has officially reached the tipping point of this sports-barren NFL offseason.

Oddsmakers, in a desperate attempt to catch the wandering eyes of adrift sports bettors, have created a prop bet based on the chance of a potential dynasty.

A dynasty led by generational quarterback Patrick Mahomes that would see the young star win three Super Bowls in the next 10 years.

Odds are now available for the over/under on total Super Bowls won during Mahomes’ new record-breaking contract.

Patrick Mahomes – Over/Under Super Bowls Won During Contract:

  • Over 2.5 SB Won -140
  • Under 2.5 SB Won +100

Yes, you read that correctly.

Online sportsbooks are giving Pat Mahomes favorable odds to win THREE of the next TEN championships in the National Football League.

Betting Mahomes Forever

Pat Mahomes inked a new contract with the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this week to become their franchise quarterback for the next decade.

Mahomes and the Chiefs agreed to a 10-year contract extension that will see the young star in red and yellow until 2031.

After the terms of the contract were released, rumors swirled over what kind of price tag would be attached to such a massive deal.

Mahomes will now terrorize defenses across the league for years to come while earning the GDP of a small country.

Oddsmakers clearly jumped on this opportunity to capitalize on Mahomes' future with this unusual prop bet.

In It For The Long Haul

Before sprinting off to bet the mortgage on the under here, NFL prop bettors need to understand that however much is wagered will remain an open ticket for up to 10 years.

That’s a long time to root for one specific player to fail.

Implying Mahomes finishes out his entire tenure with the Chiefs, the shortest possible time the under bet can hit is eight years from now. If by the end of the 2028 season Mahomes hasn’t won another Super Bowl, the under will hit and payout a whopping even odds.

Whether one thinks that the under is free money, or believe in Mahomes’ long term abilities, any bet that sees your money tied up for the better part of a decade is just asking for disappointment.

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