Betting On The Super Bowl? Don’t Take The Chiefs For These 7 Reasons

  • The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off of a Super Bowl win and looking to repeat.
  • The Chiefs odds at winning Super Bowl 55 are the shortest of all teams (+600).

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off of an impressive Super Bowl 54 win over the San Francisco 49ers and are looking to repeat their efforts in Super Bowl 55.

While many sports bettors are taking their chance on a Mahomes’ back-to-back title tour, others have their doubts on if they will be able to repeat.

With seven reasons that the Chiefs won’t win the Super Bowl, NFL bettors could find a better value in their early Super Bowl bet.

#1 Defense

The Kansas City Chiefs defense is the main reason as to why they will not repeat as champions.

Yes, their explosive offense makes up for their under average defense but right now the defense is just not there.

Their run defense was amongst one of the worsts in the league. They allowed 4.9 yards per attempt (fourth-worst), the fifth-most rushing first downs (115), and a total of 2051 yards (seventh-worst).

These are just unacceptable numbers from the defending champions. Aside from Chris Jones, the rest of the defensive line needs to be improved. If the defense comes back with no improvement, repeating will definitely be a challenge.

#2 Running Game

Though many will not admit it, Damien Williams is not an RB1 caliber running back.

He is yet to have a season with over 500 rushing yards and has not scored more than five touchdowns in a season.

The rest of the running game is almost non-existent with Darwin Thompson and Darrel Williams, but they did draft Clyde Edwards-Helaire who could prove to be a great addition.

However, as he is a rookie, things could go downhill quickly regarding the Chiefs run game.

#3 Mahomes Mobility

Patrick Mahomes is certainly playing a factor on why the Chiefs Super Bowl odds are leading the league, but if he wants to continue that, he needs to become a more mobile quarterback.

Mahomes did not prove to be mobile at all during the 2019 season. In fact, his rushing numbers dropped by 17 attempts going from 60 attempts in 2018 to 43 rushing attempts (218 yards) last season.

With a changing playbook and Mahomes’ potential discomfort of rolling out, defenses may pick up on this cue.

#4 Andy Reid

This one might take some time to wrap around but Andy Reid needs to improve his postseason game plan if the Chiefs want a repeat.

His coaching record in the playoffs is not impressive with a 15-14 record and this last Super Bowl was just his second Super Bowl appearance in his 21-year career.

Other than that, it has been early exits from the playoffs.

#5 Lamar Jackson/Ravens

The emergence of “Big Truss” and the Baltimore Ravens offense is a huge threat to the Chiefs chances of winning the Super Bowl.

The Ravens offense is just too elite and can overpower the Chiefs' defense.

It is as simple as this, as long as Lamar Jackson is in the league, the Chiefs will always have a threat to win the Super Bowl.

These two powerhouses of the AFC will meet once during the regular season on Monday Night Football when the Chiefs travel to Baltimore.

This is definitely a game to circle on anyone’s calendar as both teams are favorites on the AFC odds board.

#6 Strength Of Schedule

The Chiefs 2020 schedule might not look like a threat at first glance but the teams that they are playing have all improved during the offseason.

Aside from the Ravens, who are an obvious bump in the road, the Chiefs will go on the road to play against the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Buffalo Bills.

Also, the AFC West division has gotten stronger.

Their opponents win percentages in 2019 add up to a .500 record.

They also have a short break from Weeks 5-6, as they play Thursday Night Football in Buffalo, after taking on a divisional opponent in the Raiders just four days before.

As for the rest of their schedule, they are favored to win in every game except when they face the Ravens (+2.5) and against the Saints (+1.5).

This belief that the Chiefs could beat nearly anyone keep their odds locked lower than what they potentially should be.

#7 Injuries

Injuries were a huge part of the Chiefs season in 2019.

The Chiefs need to try their best to play at an elite level but also try and avoid injury if possible.

They suffered injuries to their most valuable positions. Patrick Mahomes was hurt, Tyreek Hill missed a chunk of the season as well as Damien Williams.

Again, the Chiefs need to play things safe and avoid risks at all costs, if they want to remain an elite level threat.

Betting on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl doesn’t come with a sizeable payout so finding an NFL team with longer odds may be worth the risk.

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