Betting On The Highest, Lowest Scoring Teams In 2022

  • The Buffalo Bills have +600 odds to lead the NFL in scoring in 2022.
  • The Houston Texans have +500 odds to be the lowest-scoring team in the 2022 season.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – One of the more popular forms of betting on the NFL comes with the odds on the highest and lowest scoring teams in the league. As the odds currently sit, the Buffalo Bills are favored to be the highest-scoring team while the Houston Texans have the shortest odds to be the lowest-scoring team.

Betting On The Highest Scoring NFL Team

2022 Highest Scoring Team Odds

  • Buffalo Bills +600
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800
  • Los Angeles Chargers +900
  • Kansas City Chiefs +900
  • Los Angeles Rams +1000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1400

It is no secret why the Buffalo Bills are favored to score the most points in the 2022 season. They are coming off of a 2021 season that saw them put up 29.8 ppg and 483 total points on the year. The third highest in the league.

Their 2021 average was also just 0.6 points off of the highest-scoring team, the Dallas Cowboys.

One of the main factors backing their odds to score the most points is their schedule. They are looking at games against the New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravenseach of which finished last season in the bottom 15 in points allowed per game.

Eyeing in on the Jets and Lions specifically, these two teams allowed the first and second-most points per game last year.

The Bills defense is also coming off of a spectacular year that created tons of offensive opportunities for the offense. They finished in the top-5 in interceptions (19) and top-10 in fumbles recovered (11).

They also led the league in opponent third down conversions as they allowed their opponents to convert on third down just 33.6% of the time. With Buffalo returning all of their key offensive and defensive players mixed in with their light defensive schedule, their odds to score the most points offer tremendous value right now.

Betting On The Lowest Scoring NFL Team

2022 Lowest Scoring Team Odds

  • Houston Texans +500
  • Atlanta Falcons +600
  • Chicago Bears +650
  • Carolina Panthers +900
  • Seattle Seahawks +900
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Looking at the betting odds to score the least amount of points, this one could be a closer race, however, the Houston Texans have the shortest odds for many reasons.

First, they’re coming off of a 2021 season that saw them score the third least amount of points per game at 16.5 ppg and only 280 total points on the season. Backing their case, even more, is that they put up the least amount of yardage per game as well at just 278.1 yards per game.

Their schedule is also not one for them to look forward to as they have matchups against the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, and Denver Broncos, each of who finished in the top-10 for points allowed last year.

It is also worth noting that they’ve hired a defensive-minded head coach for the new season in Lovie Smith who served as their defensive coordinator last season.

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