Betting on the Eagles as Odds Keep Shrinking

  • The Eagles had +300 odds in March to win the NFC East but currently are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the division at +150 and the Super Bowl at +2200.
  • The Cowboy’s first five 2022 regular season games are against opponents that had 46 total wins and the Eagle’s first five combined for a total of 32 wins in 2021.

PHILADELPHIA – The Eagle’s future odds have been shortening all preseason and they are currently tied with the Dallas Cowboys at +2200 Super Bowl Odds, +1000 odds for the NFC, and +150 odds to take the East.

Eagles’ nation has been watching these odds grow shorter since the beginning of the year but have officially tied things up with the Cowboys on the Sunday before NFL kickoff.

Betting on Eagles Moving Future Lines

After Super Bowl 56, the Cowboys were the betting favorite at -120 to win the NFC East, and the Eagles were at +300. Following roster adjustments, these odds continued to shift for both teams across the board.

  • April – Dallas -115 / Philly +300
  • May – Dallas +130 / Philly +190
  • June – Dallas +130 / Philly +165
  • July – Dallas +135 / Philly +160
  • August – Dallas +140 / Philly +150

The Cowboys won the NFC East during the 2021 season but Dallas has not won back-to-back divisional titles since 1995-96. With the Eagle’s gradual progression of shorter odds by online sportsbooks, there is betting value in wagering on the Eagles to win the East before the lines continue to shrink.

Strength of Schedule in Favor of Philly

The Cowboys open up the 2022 season against the Tampa Bay Bucs as an underdog and then face the Bengals in week two. They then face the Giants and Commanders on the road and play the LA Rams before their first meeting with the Eagles.

The Cowboys first five opponents of the 2022 season had a combined 2021 record of 46-39.

Over in Philadelphia, the Eagles have a much easier start to the season based on strength of schedule, starting the season against the Lions and then the Jaguars in week 3. The Eagles first five opponents had a combined regular season record of 32-52 in 2021.

Because of the strength of schedule statistics, there is more value in betting on the Eagles before the 2022 regular season starts, to receive the highest payouts possible on the Eagle’s Super Bowl, NFC, and NFC East odds.

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