Best Odds For Teams To NOT Win Super Bowl LVI

  • The Green Bay Packers have -350 odds to not win Super Bowl 56
  • The Buffalo Bills have -330 odds to not play in the Super Bowl.
  • There are -130 odds on both the Packers and Tennessee Titans to not play in the Super Bowl.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have +350 odds to be the losing team in the Super Bowl.

LOS ANGELES – The NFL Playoffs are in the Divisional Round which means that Super Bowl 56 is just three weeks away. With the Super Bowl creeping up, different prop bets are starting to pop up.

Super Bowl sportsbooks are offering playoff specials on teams to not win the Super Bowl and the Green Bay Packers have the shortest odds of not winning.

Odds Not To Win The Super Bowl Odds

  • Green Bay Packers To NOT Win SB56 -550
  • Buffalo Bills To NOT Play In SB56 -330
  • Both Packers And Titans To Not Play In SB56 -130
  • Kansas City Chiefs To Be Losing Team In SB56 +350

Betting On The Packers Not Winning SB56

Although the Green Bay Packers are the current favorites to win Super Bowl 56, they are an even heavier favorite to not win. This comes as they still have three games ahead of them against tough opponents. These odds are basically betting on the Packers to lose any of their remaining three games including the Super Bowl if they were to make it there.

There is a lot backing up their odds to not win the Super Bowl though including the fact that they have lost in the last two NFC Championship games. Also, since winning the Super Bowl in 2010, they have lost four conference championship games.

Will The Bills Make It To The Super Bowl?

The odds on the Buffalo Bills not making it to the Super Bowl are where they are being that they have a matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round where they are an underdog.

However, it is worth noting that if the Bills do pull off the upset win over the Chiefs, they will play the winner of the matchup between the Tennessee Titans and Cincinnati Bengals. In a potential matchup with either of those teams, the Bills will likely be favored to win which could put the odds to not play in SB56 in jeopardy.

Green Bay Packers Vs. Tennessee Titans In The Super Bowl

Odds on the Packers and Tennessee Titans to not play in the Super Bowl offer great value. For these odds to cash, just one of the teams has to miss it. The Packers have a strong case of making it to the Super Bowl as the favorite to win the conference, however, the Titans will have a bumpy road if they were to make it as they are just a field goal favorite over the Cincinnati Bengals and would face either the Chiefs or Bills in the AFC Championship. Both have much shorter Super Bowl odds than they do.

Betting On The Chiefs To Lose In The Super Bowl

The odds here are long for a reason, as the Kansas City Chiefs are arguably the hottest team in the playoffs. The Chiefs went into the playoffs winning nine of their last ten regular-season games and also destroyed the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card Round 42-21.

The Chiefs are likely to be favored in the rest of their AFC playoff games which doesn’t help their case to be the losing team in the Super Bowl.

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