Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds Take Leap After Week 4

  • The Arizona Cardinals have +1600 odds to win the Super Bowl.
  • QB Kyler Murray is favored to win the MVP award at +450 odds.
  • The Cardinals are one of two remaining undefeated teams in the NFL.

PHOENIX – The Arizona Cardinals have put the entire league on blast following their Week 4 win over the Los Angeles Rams. With this victory, they are now just one of two teams that are undefeated on the season in the NFL with a 4-0 record.

Following their Week 4 triumph, the Cardinals saw all of their odds shift drastically. Their Super Bowl odds shifted down from +2800 to +1600, their NFC Championship odds went from +1600 to +700, and their odds to win the NFC West saw the biggest jump from +500 down to +170.

Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs +550
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600
  • Buffalo Bills +750
  • Los Angeles Rams +900
  • Arizona Cardinals +1200
  • Cleveland Browns +1200
  • Green Bay Packers +1200
  • Baltimore Ravens +1400

The Kyler Murray Effect

One of the main reasons behind the Arizona Cardinals success comes from QB Kyler Murray. Murray is currently the favorite to win the MVP award with odds of +450.

So far, on the season, Murray leads the league in multiple categories. He is second in passing yards (1,273), fifth in touchdowns (9), third in QB Rating (74.5), and first in completion rate (76.1%). Murray is also a dynamic scrambler, having rushed for 109 yards and three touchdowns.

Something that Murray has really improved on this season that has translated to the team winning is how he has spread the ball around. Seven players on the Cardinals offense have more than 15 targets in only four games, which keeps opposing defenses on their heels as anyone can get have the ball at any given moment.

If Murray continues down this path, the Cardinals' odds are sure to remain amongst the favorites and even shift forward more this season.

Power On Defense

Arizona also has a newfound identity on defense, which has taken them to new heights. They are sitting in the Top-10 in points allowed per game and are also in the top half of the league in total yards allowed as well.

At full strength, this defense is capable of stopping just about any team in the league. They have already beaten notable offenses in addition to the Rams, including the Tennessee Titans where they held Derrick Henry to 58 rushing yards, and the Minnesota Vikings where they held Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen to under 105 receiving yards.

Overall, getting in on the Cardinals' odds sooner rather than later could end up being a profitable bet to make.

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