Are Kyler Murray’s MVP Odds Undervalued After Week 9?

  • Kyler Murray has +700 odds to be named NFL MVP, the third shortest odds.
  • The Arizona Cardinals are the only 8-1 team in the NFL.

GLENDALE, Ariz. - Kyler Murray has the third-shortest odds to win the MVP award but did the Cardinals winning without him actually hurt his chances?

Kyler Murray MVP Odds

Kyler Murray is starting to fall behind Josh Allen and Tom Brady in the MVP race. This leaves the question of whether Murray is being undervalued on NFL betting sites or not.

NFL 2021/22 - MVP

  • Josh Allen +325
  • Tom Brady +325
  • Kyler Murray +700
  • Matthew Stafford +750

Despite being third in odds, Murray is seventh in passing yards and ninth in passing touchdowns. Plus, there’s a fair concern that the Arizona Cardinals record is the only thing keeping him in the conversation.

After throwing for 300+ yards in two of the first three games of the year, he has yet to do it again. His last five weeks are the lowest passing yards totals he’s had this year.

Does Winning Last Week Hurt Murray’s Case?

Murray was forced to miss the game against the San Francisco 49ers, but the Cardinals were able to win convincingly even without him. When it comes to MVP voting, there’s always a debate as to what deserves it.

Is it who has the best stats, who’s the best player, who has the best record, or who’s actually the most valuable player to their team? Those who believe it’s the latter may no longer vote for Murray to win the MVP as there’s a case to be made that the team is so good that they don’t need him to win.

Obviously a little extreme, but the argument holds weight.

Those betting on the NFL have to decide if Murray is too far out of the race or if this is the perfect time to bet on him. Considering Murray may miss more time, bettors should likely stay away.

No player has won MVP after missing two or more games since Steve McNair in 2003 so if Murray were to miss another week it would definitely put a big dent in his MVP chances.

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