Arbitrage Odds Support Betting Against 49ers Winning The NFC West

  • The San Francisco 49ers are favored to win the NFC West with -110 odds.
  • The Seattle Seahawks have +260 odds to win the NFC West.
  • The Los Angeles Rams have +450 odds to win the NFC West.
  • Arizona Cardinals have +700 odds to win the NFC West.

SAN FRANCISCOBetting on the NFC West might look like a shoe-in for the San Francisco 49ers to win the division, but bettors should not jump so quick to bet on them.

Instead, bettors should consider betting against the 49ers to win the NFC West in an arbitrage bet, putting three teams against one.

Since 2010, the NFC West has been somewhat even as all four teams have been crowned champions of the division. This should ease bettors' thoughts a little as each team has had success in this past decade.

One important factor that backs up an arbitrage bet here is that the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, and Arizona Cardinals have won seven combined NFC West titles in the last decade.

The Seahawks won four division titles while the Rams have two to their name and the Cardinals with just one.

An arbitrage bet in this scenario would be instead of betting on the favorite (the 49ers), bettors place a bet on all the teams that have longer odds, which in this case is the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals.

NFC West Champion

  • San Francisco 49ers -110
  • Seattle Seahawks +260
  • Los Angeles Rams +450
  • Arizona Cardinals +700

Making an arbitrage bet on NFL sportsbooks would give bettors a bigger chance of winning the bet.

All of the teams, despite the odds, have a realistic chance of winning the NFC West as all of them have big-name players that could change the outcome of a game in an instinct.

The Seahawks would offer the lowest payout of the three teams being that they are second on the odds board with +260 odds.

If the Hawks took the title and a bettor also took the Rams and Cardinals to win, the payout would only be 0.6 units, but still in the positive.

The Rams, on the other hand, would offer a larger payout as their +450 odds are much higher. The same can be said for the Cardinals who have the longest odds at +700.

With the ability to make 2.5 units or 5 units, respectively, the payout may not seem as glamorous, but a return of a profit is never a bad thing.

As long as the Niners do not win their division, bettors would find themselves in the black. As one of the few divisions that have odds supporting an arbitrage bet, betting on the Niners not to win the NFC East seems too good to pass up.

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