Alternate Lines Highlight 49ers First Quarter Strengths

  • San Francisco 49ers to score over 3.5 first quarter points is at +115 odds.
  • A 3-way money line for the first quarter gives the 49ers +185 odds to win.
  • Despite being a great defense, Philadelphia struggles in the first quarter.

PHILADELPHIA – The top seeded Philadelphia Eagles will host the 2.5-point underdog San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. Brock Purdy and Jalen Hurts will each be making their conference championship debuts.

Alternate lines that feature particularly interesting odds on first quarter 49ers props headline the slate. NFL sportsbooks have placed +185 odds for the 49ers to win the first quarter and +115 odds for them to score over 3.5 points.

Eagles Achilles’ Heel: The First Quarter

San Francisco 49ers 3.5 First Quarter Points Odds

  • Over +115
  • Under -150

The 49ers come in with +115 odds to score over 3.5 points in the first quarter. While the Eagles have been nothing short of a stellar offense and defense this year, their defense is most vulnerable in the first quarter where they give up 4.7 points, which is the tenth most in the league.

The 49ers on the other hand, have been a strong offense in the first quarter, scoring four or more points in four out of the last five games. At +115, bettors could find a solid value for the 49ers offense to score a touchdown or two field goals with their bevy of weapons against the Eagles defense.

49ers as First Quarter Winners

49ers First Quarter 3-way Money Line

  • Win: +185
  • Draw: +300
  • Lose: +115

Building off of the weak Eagles first quarter defense, the 49ers first quarter offense is a solid eighth place in the NFL with 4.9 points per game. However, the Eagles boast a very strong 5.7 points in the first quarter to offset their below-average defense.

The 49ers have won the first quarter in three out of their last five games, and will look to their defense to hold down the Eagles while they take an early lead. In the first quarter the 49ers defense allows just 3.4 points, ranking seventh among NFL teams.

The Eagles have typically won the majority of their first quarters, but have rarely faced a defense as stout as the 49ers, which will prove to be their toughest matchup all year. Even a single stalled out drive could be all the Eagles see in the first quarter against a 49ers offense that likes to run the ball and manage the clock.

With football betting sites setting +185 odds for the 49ers to win the first quarter, bettors will look to the defense to contain the otherwise explosive Eagles offense, while San Francisco’s consistent offense can look to take advantage of the Eagles’ weak first quarter defense.

San Francisco 49ers Over 3.5 First Quarter Points (+115)

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