3 WRs Are Near Locks to Go Over Fantasy Point Projections

  • There are -115 odds for A.J. Brown to go over his is 250.5 total PPR fantasy points projection, more than 49 points lower than his total last season.
  • CeeDee Lamb is projected for 260.5 total PPR Fantasy points next season, 40 points lower than last season.
  • Tyreek Hill’s total PPR fantasy point projection is 285.5 points, more than a 62-point difference from last year’s total.

PHILADELPHIA – Three of the league’s top fantasy wide receivers last season have -115 odds to go over their criminally low total PPR fantasy points projections in the 2023-2024 NFL season. A.J. Brown is set to crush his projection next season with -115 odds to go over 250.5 total fantasy points.

Though it is not betting on the Super Bowl, another way to win it all comes when drafting a fantasy football team.

A.J. Brown and the Philadelphia Eagles face the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17, giving Brown a great opportunity to score against one of the NFL’s worst defenses.

A.J. Brown Fantasy Projection Odds

  • Over 250.5 -115
  • Under 250.5 -115

A.J. Brown finished the 2022-2023 NFL Season with 299.6 total PPR fantasy points, yet NFL sportsbooks project he will finish with 250.5 this upcoming season. Brown’s production is key to the Eagles Super Bowl 58 betting odds and there’s no reason to think he will finish with less than nearly 2.5 games worth of fantasy points next season.

Bet CeeDee Lamb, Tyreek Hill Overs

CeeDee Lamb is another wide receiver with a criminally low fantasy point projection.

CeeDee Lamb

  • Over 260.5 -115
  • Under 260.5 -115

CeeDee Lamb finished as the WR 5 in fantasy football last season with 301.6 total PPR fantasy points, even with starting quarterback Dak Prescott missing five games. The combo of Lamb and Prescott gives the Cowboys Super Bowl 58 betting odds a chance, but the -115 odds for the over are a lock.

Tyreek Hill is the biggest lock of them all to go over his 2023-2024 total PPR fantasy football projection.

Tyreek Hill

  • Over 285.5 -115
  • Under 285.5 -115

Only Justin Jefferson outscored Tyreek Hill in wide receiver fantasy points last season as “Cheetah” racked up 347.2 fantasy points in 2022. The Dolphins Super Bowl 58 betting odds are dependent on quarterback Tua Tagovailoa staying healthy, but Tyreek’s fantasy projection is not.

Hill averaged 20.4 fantasy points per game despite Tagovailoa missing four games. A 62-point fall off from last year to 2023 is unlikely, making the -115 odds for the over valuable.

Based on ESPN’s fantasy scoring leaders, each wide receiver’s projection is listed 40 or more points lower than last season’s finishing total.

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