Betting On Super Bowl Squares

Knowing how to bet on Super Bowl Squares is a very common way for individuals and Super Bowl parties to make their Sunday a bit more memorable. This page will cover all the things you need to know in order to set up your own SB 58 Squares game, or to come up as the big winner at your friends’ Super Bowl party. We’ll cover how do Super Bowl squares work, the strategies, where you can play Super Bowl Squares, and what it tends to cost.

How To Play Super Bowl Squares

The format of how to bet on Super Bowl Squares 2024 looks confusing at first glance, but it’s actually pretty simple. Basically, the way it works is each team gets one axis, and you purchase a square on the intersection of the teams. For example, let’s say you purchase 4-6. The numbers you have correspond to the last digit in each score. So, if the score ends in four for the first team and six for the second team, that square will win. Generally, payouts happen after each quarter, so there are multiple chances to win with this different form of betting on the Super Bowl.

Winning Super Bowl Squares

So, let’s say your square ended up having Team A: 4-Team B: 6. Here are some examples of scores that would result in you winning:

  • 14-16
  • 14-6
  • 24-16
  • 24-36

You see the pattern? As long as the digits match up after any of the quarters, that square will end up being a winner. This can also help to elucidate on why this game is so hard to win. Each square has a lot of different possible combinations, and what you’re effectively trying to do is cover as much of the possible range of scores as you can by buying the right squares.

The Best Super Bowl Square Numbers To Have

Given the information we have, it makes sense that the best way to win at Super Bowl Squares is to target common scoring increments. In the NFL, points are scored mostly in groups of seven or three, and this means that there is an advantage to selecting combinations involving seven, three, or zero (because seven plus three is ten).

Overall, the four best combinations have been 0-0, 0-3, 0-7 and 7-0, historically speaking. The general rule is that you’re in a good spot if you see a seven, zero or three in your square, as those are the most common scoring increments. If you see two of those numbers, you’re in a great spot. For example, 17-10 would cash for 7-0, 10-7 would cash for 0-7, and so on. Once you get outside of those numbers, you’re more or less in the wilderness.

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Super Bowl Squares Strategy

Well, outside of ending up with the more likely squares - which is no guarantee - strategy is fairly limited in SB 58 squares. Since you buy in before you see the numbers that you actually get, there’s not much you can do other than hope. Plenty of people have superstitions about it, but in reality, it's all up to the numbers. That’s actually a good thing for those who like to play games like this, as this is a party game, not a super in-depth gambling experience. Super Bowl Squares is meant to include everyone, so no strategy is truly needed. Chance and luck rule the day, and that’s what makes it compelling.

Betting Sites Offering Super Bowl Squares

Bovada Sportsbook

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Bovada's Super Bowl Contests

Bovada offers Super Bowl Squares betting as part of its suite of Super Bowl betting options. The Super Bowl is the biggest betting day of the year for many sportsbooks taking US bettors, and they go out of their way to make sure it stays that way. Bovada helps set the curve in that trend by offering a ton of action on almost anything you can think of, including Super Bowl Squares. If you’re staying indoors this Super Bowl Sunday but still want to test your luck, you can’t go wrong with Bovada’s offerings.

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Betting Squares At BetOnline

BetOnline is one of the best online sportsbooks around, and so it should be no surprise that their Super Bowl offerings are varied and include SB 58 squares. Squares is a perfect game for sportsbooks to offer, as there is not a ton of strategy involved, so they’re just offering the game as is. BetOnline is quite a solid sportsbook outside of Squares, with a ton of different ways to wager on the Super Bowl. They’re definitely worth checking out on Super Bowl Sunday, both for Squares and other action.


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MyBookie Super Bowl Squares

MyBookie might be the most unique in terms of the action they offer. MyBookie is famous for offering all sorts of intriguing prop bets on the events surrounding the Super Bowl, from what celebrities will show up, to what they will be wearing, to whether there will be technical mistakes in the halftime show. Given this, it’s no surprise that the most versatile sportsbook around is also offering Squares play on Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, they have a $15,000 squares contest with a $3 entry. Make sure to factor MyBookie into your calculations when you’re looking for a Super Bowl sportsbook that accepts US players.

How Much Does A Super Bowl Square Cost?

The answer to this entirely depends on where you play and who you’re playing with. Whoever sets up the game generally decides how much the square costs and the more the cost of the squares, the higher the potential payout can be. What that means is you can play Super Bowl Squares for free, just don’t expect to be winning money at the end of it. Whether you’re playing at your office or online, your prizes will be commensurate with what you risk.

How Much Money Can I Win Betting On Super Bowl Squares?

As discussed above, the answer entirely depends on what you’re willing to risk. Prize pools for Super Bowl Squares are relative to how much people paid to get into them. The more a square costs to buy, the more money goes into the collective pot, and the more money gets paid out at the end of the night.

Can I Bet On Squares When It's Not The Super Bowl?

Yes, you can bet on Squares even when it is not the Super Bowl. As far as how to bet on Super Bowl squares outside of the Super Bowl can be done two ways. The first is simply using the Super Bowl Squares sheet that is down below and using it for a different game. Playing Squares that way can make any game even more interesting, but it can be harder to find people to fill the spots because it is not the Super Bowl. An easier option to play squares is to sign up for a sportsbook such as Bovada that offers fixed odds for squares bets on every NFL game. Betting on fixed SB 58 squares odds may take out the fun of finding out the value of each row and column, but it does not require filling up 100 squares and you never get a bad number unless you choose one for the longer odds.

Printable 2024 Super Bowl Squares

If you’re looking to bet on Super Bowl Squares, you can check out our Super Bowl squares template for the game below. Good luck, and have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl 57 Squares

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