5Dimes Super Bowl Betting Guide

Super bowl betting at 5Dimes is easier than ever and this 5Dimes sportsbook review is going to show you why. If you are going to wager on the biggest game of the year, you need a trusted sportsbook to take those bets. Without a doubt, 5Dimes is one of the most trusted sportsbooks in the entire industry. 5Dimes is licensed and based out of Costa Rica and the site is licensed to take action from American bettors. The site was established back in 1996 and if they have survived for this long, you know that you can trust 5Dimes with your bets.

But there are a lot of questions that you might have regarding 5Dimes. That is why this review was created. We want you to know that you are making your Super Bowl bets at a site that you can absolutely trust. That is why we are going to go over the overall legality of 5Dimes, what kinds of bets you can make, the rules that you have to follow, and other information that will make betting on the Super Bowl much easier for you. By the end of the review, you will have a better understanding of why so many football fans trust 5Dimes to take their Super Bowl bets.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl At 5Dimes?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to bet on the Super Bowl at 5Dimes however, the site has been undergoing many changes over the last few years. First appeared on the internet back in 1996, 5Dimes is making their way into a regulated focus in the American NFL betting sector. Those looking for legal Super Bowl 56 betting odds would be better served at an online sportsbook like Bovada or BetOnline.

Am I Old Enough To Bet On The Super Bowl At 5Dimes?

It depends on where you live to determine if you are old enough to bet on 5Dimes. One of the local laws that 5Dimes abide by to ensure the safety of their customers is the local sports betting age. Although you can sign up at 18, if your state says that sports betting is not legal until 21, then you have to wait until you are 21 to make your bets. But if your state says 18, then you can get started sooner. However, we often default to saying that you wait until you are 21 to make your Super Bowl bets. The reason for that is 21 is the oldest sports betting age in the country and when you are 21, you can make your bets no matter where you are in the country.


Licensed In:
Costa Rica
Legal In:
50% To $250
Mobile Platforms:
Iphone, Android, Apple
Currencies Accepted:
USD, Bitcoin

5dimes Super Bowl Betting

How To Bet On Super Bowl Odds At 5Dimes

Super Bowl Betting OddsThere is not just one way to bet on the Super Bowl. The best part about betting on the biggest game of the year is that there are many different ways you can bet on the Super Bowl. If you are wondering about the different ways you can bet on the Super Bowl, we have the answers for you. Down below are some of the different wager types you can do to bet on the Super Bowl.


Gamelines are some of the more common wager types for Super Bowl betting. If you are getting started with your first Super Bowl bets, you should bet on the moneyline. Moneyline betting is essentially just betting on who will win or lose the biggest game of the year. It’s what most people think when they first hear about sports betting. Spread betting is very similar to moneyline betting, but the team you bet on needs to win or lose within a certain number of points. If a team loses but they cover the spread, you will win your bet anyway. You can bet on the totals which means you can bet if the total number of points will be over or under what the sportsbook has set. Who wins or loses the game does not affect the results of totals bet. If you want to get started with Super Bowl betting, start with the various gambling wager types.


There are a lot of different prop bets that you can wager on for the Super Bowl. For example, the most famous prop bet is the result of the coin flip which is already posted for Super Bowl 56. All you have to do is bet on if the coin flip will be heads or tails. You can also bet on the singing time length of the national anthem. 5Dimes will set a time on how long they think the national anthem will last and you need to bet if the total time will be longer or shorter than what 5Dimes has set.

You can also make bets on players like who you think the MVP for the game will be. There are many prop bets happening with the Super Bowl and you will want to take advantage of them to maximize your profits. Being that there are only a handful of prop bets available for Super Bowl 56, bettors can also find prop bets throughout the season and offseason from the NFL Combine and draft leading all the way up through the regular season and into the playoffs.


Futures bets are wagers that you can make ahead of time. Depending on the wager, some futures bets are wagers that you can make a year before the Super Bowl begins. The most commonly bet on futures bet on 5Dimes is without a doubt, who you think will win the Super Bowl. You can make this bet anytime during the regular season and depending on how each team is doing, the odds will change. Other futures bets you can make is who is going to win the AFC or the NFC championships.

Mobile Betting At 5Dimes Sportsbook

One thing that we know in this modern day and age is that we like convenience. That is why 5Dimes allows you to use their sportsbook on your mobile device. It is easy to use 5Dimes for mobile betting. All you need to do is access 5Dimes using an internet browser on your mobile device or tablet and you will be able to make the same bets that you normally would have if you used a computer or laptop. The best thing about mobile betting is that you lose nothing for doing so and you will even get bonuses for using a mobile device. We definitely recommend mobile betting on 5Dimes.

Live Betting On Super Bowl Odds At 5Dimes

Live betting on Super Bowl odds at 5Dimes is a little bit different than your typical bets. The reason for that is normal bets require you to make bets before the game begins. But live betting allows you to make bets as the biggest game of the year is in progress. You can make bets on who will score next if there is going to be a turnover if there is going to be another first down, and much more. The best part about live betting is the number of betting options you have and the quickly changing odds. All of that makes live betting very exciting.

Using Bitcoin at 5Dimes Sportsbook

The cryptocurrency that you use for 5Dimes is very important. There are a few different methods when it comes to withdrawing winnings and depositing money to play with on 5Dimes. However, none of the funding methods for 5Dimes are as impressive as using Bitcoin. The fees for these deposits are… wait there are no fees. The length of time it takes to deposit or withdraw… wait it’s instant? Being able to transfer as much as $10,000 at a time, using Bitcoin to fund your 5Dimes account helps you earn extra bonuses that aren’t available to those who use credit cards and other deposit methods. Bitcoin provides the quickest way to receive your winnings so it is highly suggested to use the Bitcoin method.

Making Deposits At 5Dimes

If you want to bet on the Super Bowl, then you have to get comfortable knowing the various deposit types at 5Dimes. Depending on how much you want to deposit or how fast you need to put money into your account, each deposit will serve a different purpose. Down below is a list of various deposit types and what to expect with each type.


Fees: None
Minimum: $25
Maximum: $5,000

Credit Cards

Fees: None
Minimum: $50
Maximum: $500

Person to Person

Fees: $5 to $30
Minimum: $100
Maximum: $690

Sportsbook Transfer

Fees: None
Minimum: $500
Maximum: n/a

Account to Account Transfer

Fees: None
Minimum: $50
Maximum: n/a

How To Make Withdrawals At 5Dimes

If you are going to bet money on the Super Bowl, you are going to want to know how you can withdraw your money from 5Dimes. After all, what is the point in making those bets if you have no plans on taking out your winnings? Down below is a list of different withdrawal methods that you can take advantage of on 5Dimes.


Fees: None
Minimum: $50
Maximum: $10,000

Bank Wire Transfer

Fees: $80
Minimum: $1,000
Maximum: $9,500

Person to Person

Fees: $10 to $28
Minimum: n/a
Maximum: $400


Fees: $40 to $80
Minimum: $1,000
Maximum: $7,500

Sportsbook Transfer

Fees: None
Minimum: $500
Maximum: n/a

Account to Account Transfer

Fees: None
Minimum: $50
Maximum: n/a
Customer Service
5Dimes Customer Service Options

It is important that you know how to contact customer service in 5Dimes just in case you run into any issues. Lucky for you, 5Dimes has some of the best customer services in the business and that is especially so when the Super Bowl happens. Down below are a couple of different ways that you can contact customer service if you run into any issues.

Sports Wagering Telephone: 1-866-924-3772
Customer Service Number: 1-800-430-5896
Email: info@5Dimes.edu